P - p

pa1   vintr. go.

dirpart. thither, used after a location to indicate direction of movement to that location. See: mai.

pa2   vambi. drive, also ride e.g. in a canoe or truck.

pa3   v. shine brightly, as of the sun. See: nrernrer.

p̃a=   Variant: p̃a. pron. you (2nd person singular irrealis Subject).

paai   vambi. fill up, pack up (as in suitcases).

paak   vintr. delouse.

paakor   vintr. 1 • appear.

2 • arrive.

3 • born, to be born.

4 • happen.

paakot1   v. trap fish by encircling them.

paakot2   vambi. pay, buy.

nfaakoton   n. payment, bribe, brideprice. See: naro.

paakruk   vintr. assemble, combine.

paalag   v. stand on something, stand up on.

paalak   vintr. tiptoe.

paalkau   vambi. step, to step over.

paamaot   vintr. separate.

paamau   v. fail.

1 • fail to do something, for example fail get to somewhere you are trying to get to, or fail to hit something with a stone.

2 • end of a story.

paan   vambi. 1 • roast.

2 • burn, as in burning a garden.

paapnun   v. end, close, as in a meeting.

paap̃olplo   vintr. walk with legs apart. See: pakankan.

paapuen   vintr. walk slowly looking for things on the reef.

p̃aar   adj. stuck, closed. ntaligp̃aar 'ear-closed'- deaf. See: ntaligp̃ar.

paareki   vambi. because of, to go because of.

p̃aas   n. rhinocerus beetle, large black one that hurts if it bites you. Category: insects, grubs etc..

paat   num. four. Category: numeral.

kaafat   adj. fourth.

paatan   vintr. get out of a boat or plane, disembark.

paatlakor   vambi. be astride, stand over something.

p̃afp̃of   adj. adult, big.

p̃afu   v. break open.

pag   vintr. 1 • climb.

2 • copulate (of animals).

pagos   n. beetle. Category: insects, grubs etc..

pagotut   n. plate for liquids, like soup. Category: human artefact. See: rakek; slo.

p̃agp̃ag   n. fish sp. Cornetfish. Fistularia commersonii. See: nanr. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃agrap   n. coconut with flower, no meat inside it. Third stage of a coconut. See: p̃orlaf. Category: plants.

pagtketig   vintr. climb with feet and hands.

pai   n. bird sp. Swallow.

paikor   vambi. hide to catch prey, stalk.

pak   vintr. go to, towards (realis). See: fak go to.IR.

prep. to.

paka   interject. exclamation, like 'kala', or 'kas' in Bislama (from English).

pakankan   v. walk with legs spread apart, to be bowlegged. See: paap̃olplo.

pakelag   v. ascend, increase, up.

pakem̃ae   vintr. distant.

1 • be distant, long way from,

2 • take the wrong path.

paketan   1 • prep. low, below.

2 • vintr. descend.

3 • adj. deep. See: nam̃oru.

4 • adj. respect.

5 • adj. cheap.

6 • adj. obey, honour, be humble. See: etan.

pakmaalep   vintr. mourning. See: maalep.

pako   n. shark. Category: aquatic creatures.

pakofai   n. hammerhead shark. Category: aquatic creatures.

pakofam   n. tiger shark. Category: aquatic creatures.

pakokap̃o   n. ray sp. Giant reef ray. Taeniura melanospilos. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃akor   n. cover (of pot). See: plaakor.

v. cover.

pakosgal   n. fish sp. Puffers, e.g. Guineafowl puffer, Star puffer (but see also p̃nopun). Tetaodontidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

pakot   v. cross quickly in front of something, as a bird flying across one's path or a dog running across quickly.

pakruk   v. come to one place, assemble.

p̃al   adj. blank, empty.

tep̃alp̃al   adj. for no reason.

palkias   vintr. mourning; ipalkias; period of mourning (five days, or could be longer).

palkor   vambi. observe.

p̃alo   n. valley, gorge, cliff. See: nsaan. Category: natural features.

palsmin   n. plant sp., fruit is not eaten, only the flower is used for decoration. Elaeocarpus spp. Category: plants.

palugnirakum   n. plant sp, fairly low cover, a hiding place for crabs.

p̃alun   n inposs. brother, also mother's or father's sibling's son. Category: human relations, kinterm. See: tai; kor.

palus   vintr. paddle.

pam   vambi. 1 • eat.

2 • consume. See: nfamwen.

pam̃as   v. shine.


pamnrog   vambi. taste food. See: minrog.

pam̃or   vambi. discover, find.

pan   aux. go. See: pa.

pankisa   adv. doing something so much that it ends up being a bad thing (Bislama: gogo inogud), can't find a solution.

pankot   vintr. burn (garden).

panpan   prep. until.

p̃anrer   vintr. coo, of a dove.

panrog   v. try to go.

p̃anuk   n. shellfish sp. Nautilus. Nautilidae.. Category: aquatic creatures.

pao malagot   n. fish sp. Snapper (with black dot on side). Lutjanidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

paos   vditr. ask.

paosus   vintr. ask too many questions.

p̃ap̃a   n. shellfish. The spines of this shellfish can be used to write on slate, instead of chalk. Guildfordia triumphans.

pare1   vintr. get someone.

pare2   vintr. blind, to be.

p̃arfaat   n. rocks heaped up along the sea shore. See: narfaat.

parik1   n. tree sp. Cassis. Leucaena leucocephala. Category: plants.

parik2   adj. small distance, go a little way further.

p̃aror   1 • fool.

n. fool, crazy.

2 • n. dumb, unable to speak.

p̃arp̃aar   vintr. bland, not enough taste, as in tea with not enough sugar or meat with no salt.

parpar   vintr. wrap a piece of material around your waist, for example a nanrepnrep. See: nanrepnrep.

p̃arp̃or   n. fish sp. Triggerfishes (general), but see also fum̃or, fuu. Balistidae. See: fuu. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃arp̃ormol   n. fish sp. Strongskin. Fu is the adult of p̃arp̃ormol. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃arsor   n. fish sp. Surgeonfish sp, including White-freckled, Lieutenant, Striped bristletooth, Twospot bristletooth. Acanthurus. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃aru   adj. fat.

parut   vintr. take water (in a boat).

pas   v. push, put something through something else, as in flowers in the hair.

p̃as1   vambi. adopt.

p̃as2   vambi. chase.

pasa   vintr. limp.

p̃aseo   n. shellfish sp. Horse Conch (general term). Fasciolariidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

paskar   v. agree with someone and add to what they have said. See: skar.

pasprut   n. passionfruit, used both of the wild (mil) variety which has white fruit, and the introduced variety. Category: plants.

patan   vintr. get out of a boat or plane, disembark.

p̃atfaat   n. iron.

patlas   vambi. meet without planning to meet. See: seltra; neet; saisei.

patlep1   n. claw, the big claw (e.g. of crab). Patrik is the little claw. Category: body part or product.

patlep2   n. mat, big single weave pandanus mat. Category: human artefact.

pato   vintr. be at, distant place.

patru   n. fish sp. Wrasses. Labridae. See: aaf. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃au kerkerai   adj. wilful, strong head.

pau1   vambi. weave. Also used to describe the joining of boards in canoe making. See: nraf.

pau2   vintr. creep, like a vine.

p̃au   n. fish sp. Snapper (Onespot or Yellow-margined). Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃aufiif   n. drunk, a drunken person (lit: head spin).

p̃aukap   n. fish sp. Paddletail snapper. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃aukaplat   adj. bald. See: p̃aum̃osu; m̃aal.

p̃aulum ni afsak   n. Cushion star, starfish. Culcita novaguineae. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃aulum ni rakum   n. plant sp., fairly low cover, a hiding place for crabs.

p̃aum̃osu   adj. bald patch on top of the head. See: m̃aal; p̃aukaplat.

p̃aumra   vambi. slaughter an animal to eat it.

p̃aunamru   vintr. carry two bundles of food on a stick over the shoulder.

p̃aup̃al   n. fish sp. Grouper, big one is koom. This one (lit. head-empty) is named for not having meat in its head. See: koom. Serranidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

paut   wander.

p̃autik   adj. foolish. See: nrotik.

p̃autop   n. fish sp. Groupers. See: koom. Category: aquatic creatures.

pawer   vintr. stand, hands held behind the back.

pe1   particle. intensifier, used to increase the intensity of a verb or adjective, e.g. maon 'to sweat', maon pe maon 'to really sweat'.

pe2   dir part. there, used to indicate a distance further than that already stated, e.g. sanpe, 'over there'.

p̃eel   v. tabu, to hang a leaf of coconut or namele to show that there is a tabu on something.

peep   n. moth that lays eggs in ripe bananas. Chromus erotus.

pei2   vintr aux. 1 • lead, first.

2 • win. See: pei. Category: numeral.

pek   n. bag. Category: human artefact.

p̃el1   vintr. shelter, from sun or rain, or protect from something.

p̃el2   vintr. bend, fold (bend or fold an object).

p̃elgat   vambi. open (e.g. window or door); turn a page, turn on a switch.

p̃elp̃eel   v. sneak along.

pelpel   adv. quickly. See: trapelpel.

p̃elp̃el   vintr. tack on, baste on.

peltakot   adj. crossed, anything crossing something else can be described as being peltakot.

pen   prep. particle used to mean 'there' (ipen sampen-e). pen precedes the location name, -e follows the location.

p̃en   vintr. whistle.

pepelau   n. bird.

pepep   n. slipper lobster. Parribacus caledonicus. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃er   vintr. fart.

p̃erat   vtr. fart on. Category: body part or product.

p̃erik   vintr. fly magically.

perkat   adv. truly, used for emphasis.

pes sa   vintr. curse, insult.

pes1   vintr. talk (nafsan (na-fes-an) is language). See: psasok; psawi; psaplil; pestaf; pesp̃ur.

nafsan   n. language. See: til; puserek; traus.

pes2   vambi. start, as in pes nkap, start fire (by rubbing sticks), tak fes nafuserekwen, you start talking.

pesfkaar   vintr. joke. See: fkaar.

pesnromnromi   vintr. comfort.

pesp̃ot   vintr. investigate or discuss a problem. See: fnau.

pesp̃ur   Variant: psa p̃ur. boast.

vintr. boast. See: sorsor; fekfek.

pestaf   vambi. tell, talk to.

p̃et   adj. other, different.

petog   n. petanque, a popular game in Erakor.

pi1   v. be.

p̃i1   vambi. throw a small piece of wood to get a coconut or to hit a flying-fox. See: np̃ip̃.

pi2   n. bee. Category: insects, grubs etc..

p̃i2   vambi. 1 • kick, with top of the foot.

2 • kick, as in the effect of kava or alcohol (but also nmalok ip̃ip̃, the 'the kava kicks'). See: p̃ip̃.

pi3   vambi. pour, as in watering a plant or drizzling coconut milk onto laplap.

pia   n. banana, small sweet banana. Category: plants.

pialoaal   n. crab, red and black small crab which lives in holes on the beach. Category: aquatic creatures.

piam   n. fish sp. Damselfishes (Onespot, Twospot, King...) Pomacentridae. Category: aquatic creatures.

piatlak   Variant: pitlak. vambi. 1 • own, have (from pi 'be' and atlak 'owner').

2 • with a third person subject it also refers to general existence, ipiatlak, there is.

pier   vintr. noisy, to make a lot of noise.

p̃il   Variant: p̃ilmet. blink.

vambi. blink.

p̃ilp̃il   vintr. close eyes, e.g. so that you can pray.

p̃ilmet   vintr. blink. See: le sulsul.

pili   n. banana, a long banana. Twist it to take off its skin which is hard to get off. Category: plants.

pilo   vintr. wake up, to be awake.

pilp̃uk   n. Soldier crab. Mictyris sp.. Category: aquatic creatures.

pines   n. tree sp. green long fruit, yellow when ripe, sweet-cotton like inside that is eaten, black seeds. Category: plants.

pios   vintr. call out. See: sos.

p̃ip̃   v. the action of an outrigger rolling over the canoe. See: tap̃o; p̃i.

pir   vambi. braid, tie, as in weaving; arrange your hair.

p̃ir   vintr. scream, yell, shout.

pirket   n. main rib of coconut leaf.

pirsai   vambi. drill.

pism̃alit   n. Mantis shrimps (named for the popping noise (m̃alit) they make on the reef). Stomatopoda. Category: aquatic creatures.

pisp̃lolo   n. loincloth, made of bark. See: nasieg; nafon. Category: human artefact.

p̃it   n. fish sp. Frogfishes, Stonefish. Float on top of the water when they miss catching a fish to eat. Antennariidae. See: ftir. Category: aquatic creatures.

pitar   vintr. lost, be lost.

pitkaskei   n. 1 • same.

2 • alike, balance, equal (older way of saying it is pitoskei).

3 • double, be two of the same thing.

p̃ka   n. fish sp. Porcupinefishes, burr fish, puffer fish with nail-like covering on skin. Diodontidae, Tetrodontidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

pkaal   vintr. give birth (of humans). See: psol; paakor.

pkafu   vambi. split, e.g. a coconut (nmarteu).

pkal1   vambi. sharpen, especially wood. See: maama.

pkal2   vintr. care for a pig.

pkapun   vambi. kill.

pkasai   vambi. poke a hole in something.

pkastes   n. dugong. Dugong dugon. Category: aquatic creatures.

p̃kasus   vintr. breastfeed.

p̃ko   vintr. interested, be interested in something.

pkos   v. unfold, open a packet, as in opening a laplap, or unfolding a mat.

pkot   vintr. spoiled, unusable anymore. Can refer to bread that is mouldy for example.

plaakor   vambi. cover.

1 • vambi. cover something.

2 • n. cover, of a pot. See: paakor.

p̃laanr   n. fish sp. tuna, Dogtooth tuna. Gymnosarda unicolor. Category: aquatic creatures.

plag   vambi. open something.

plak1   vambi. accompany.

p̃lak1   vintr. scared, to be scared, to be terrified of something.

p̃lak2   n. Rail (type of bird). Gallirallus philippensis. Category: birds.

plak2   vintr. pregnant. See: tien.

plakes   n. green tree lizard. Category: other animals.

plakori   vintr. hunt.

1 • vintr. hunt.

2 • n. dog used for hunting.

plaksok   vambi. teach.

teplaksok   n. teacher. Category: human relations.

ple   vintr. fight, dispute, not a physical fight. See: kuf; tik.

plik   vambi. peel.

plim   vintr. change, transform, as in a magical transformation.

plog   n. coconut shell, empty coconut. Category: plants.

p̃lolepen   Variant: p̃lolep. n inposs. stomach. Category: body part or product.

plon   n inposs. testicles. See: p̃aru; teem̃iit. Category: body part or product.

plor   vambi. turn, e.g. a tap.

plos1   adj. twisted, crooked, to be (note that plos means 'to twist'). See: plos.

plos2   vambi. wring clothes.

plos3   vambi. avoid, as in being angry with someone, you avoid them, unlike lelu which means go around.

plos4   vambi. do something bad to someone.

pnak   vambi. steal.

adj. thieving. Category: human relations. See: natam̃ol pnak.

pnol   vambi. wash, rinse. See: preitao; m̃oltao.

p̃nopun   n. fish sp. Filefishes, Puffers (but see pako singular al). Monacanthidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

pnultao   v. wash things, like plates. See: m̃oltao.

pnut1   vtr. close, shut. See: p̃on.

pnut2   vintr. 1 • quiet.

2 • stop.

p̃o   vintr. smell.

1 • smell, stink.

2 • rot, decay.

nap̃o   n. smell.

p̃ofu   Variant: p̃afu. puncture.

vambi. puncture something, like a ball is punctured.

p̃og   n. night. Category: natural features.

p̃ok   adv. half, something not completed.

pokes   n. box (from English). Category: human artefact.

p̃okor   vintr. cover.

1 • cover.

2 • brood, a hen sitting on its egg. See: p̃op̃o.

p̃oktao   v. dust, to wipe.

poler   n. pot, saucepan. From: English 'boiler'

polfai   n. fish sp. Mullet, p̃aurik, small one; naumet, middle one; rutiyaf old grey mullet. Mugilidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

polkirkir   adj. active, of a person.

p̃olp̃lo   adj. wide.

polpol koplog   n. penis. See: ola. Category: body part or product.

polpol   n. basket, big one. Category: human artefact. See: fuelig; nroog; likat; sp̃ol; tip̃el; tasal; nlafkir; napor; sarpotpot.

polsa   1 • spoil, destroy.

2 • bad behaviour. See: polwi; folfol.

p̃olul   n. Reef crab, red shell, 15 cm. Etisus splendidus. Category: aquatic creatures.

polwi   vintr. behave well, do good. See: polsa; folfol.

p̃on1   num. thousand. Category: numeral.

p̃on2   vintr. 1 • shut, to be shut. See: pnut.

2 • end, finish.

3 • webbed feet, like a duck's feet.

p̃onfer   n. boil that comes up in the armpit, you put a cockle shell on it to cure it. It has lots of heads. Category: body part or product. See: nmanuk; fati; nmak.

p̃onp̃on   prep. together.

p̃onptae   adj. different.

pontekon   n. flower, yellow, leaf is useful in treating ringworm. Category: plants.

p̃onti   num. million. Category: numeral.

p̃oo   crouch down to hide. See: kuskor.

p̃ook   n. Food, typically different vegetables, cut up and prepared in a ground oven (known in Bislama as a bougna, a term from New Caledonia).

p̃ool   adj. blunt.

pool   vintr. fool.

poot   n. banana, plantain banana for cooking. Category: plants.

p̃op̃   n. spirit, feeling, a person's fashion of doing things (p̃op̃ wi, good way of doing things; p̃op̃ sa, bad fashion of doing things).

p̃op̃ pakelag   n. proud.

p̃op̃ paketan   n. quiet, contemplative. See: sup̃.

p̃op̃o   v. cluck, the noise a chicken makes. See: p̃okor.

p̃op̃or   n. fish sp. Cardinalfish sp. Apogonidae. See: anrar. Category: aquatic creatures.

popot   n. crab sp. small white crab that lives in the sand. Good to eat. Category: aquatic creatures.

poptae   v. divide.

p̃or   vambi. break.

1 • break, something with your hands.

2 • chop, break (of objects).

p̃orlaf   n. coconut, flower breaking open. Second stage at which you can eat a coconut. See: nam̃.

p̃orp̃or   vambi. break everything.

plak p̃orp̃or   vintr. break wood in the bush, like a pig running through the bush.

p̃ot1   vintr. explain.

p̃ot2   v. share out. See: aliat p̃ot.

p̃otp̃otak   idiom. chicken's cry as it lays an egg.

potut   n. tower made of rocks, monument, atar. Category: human artefact.

p̃rai   vambi. chop, break (of objects).

p̃rakot   adj. ordinary.

1 • ordinary. See: naur p̃rakot.

2 • any, anything.

pram   adj. long, tall.

naframwen   n. length.

pras   n. plank of wood, a piece of wood that has been shaped for use. Category: human artefact.

preg   vambi. make, cause, do. Also used with a following verb as a cause of the action of that verb. Note: kaimes is the term used for Biblical creation. See: kaimes.

pregfu   vambi. pierce (e.g., an abcess or a boil).

pregnrog   vambi. attempt, try.

pregsa   vintr. spoil, damage.

pregwel   vambi. imitate. See: folfol.

pregwi   v. do good to someone.

prei   vintr. 1 • wash, using your hands to splash water over yourself.

2 • baptise (paptaes commonly used today).

preitao   vambi ?. wash (of people). See: pnultao; m̃oltao.

pres   vambi. untie.

p̃roro   adj. hard, of food, like gristle. Category: body part or product.

p̃rot   vambi. eat something hard, crunch.

p̃sai   vintr. clap hands. See: p̃sap̃os.

psakor   vambi. hide, to keep secret.

psaplil   vintr. argue, strongly discuss.

p̃sap̃os   vintr. clap.

psasok   vambi. encourage.

psawi   vintr. thanks.

1 • thanks. See: ta.

2 • grace, the prayer said by Christians before a meal.

psig   vintr. disobey. See: sigpir.

psir   vintr. lie, pretend.

tepsir   n. lie.

psol   vintr. give birth to (of animal). See: pkaal.

pta   vintr. make good.

ptaan   vintr. accompany.

p̃tae   Variant: p̃otae. different.

vintr. 1 • different. See: kaaru.

2 • divide, share.

ptal   vambi ?. ask for something.

ptan   v. accompany.

ptau   v. be at, an archaic form of pato.

ptin   vintr. sore, pain.

ptol   vintr. hungry.

ptom   vintr. grow.

pton1   n. coral sp.(Ascidian) with meat that can be eaten. Category: aquatic creatures.

pton2   vintr. compare.

ptour   vambi. marry (of the pastor marrying a couple). See: lak; tousok; taulu.

ptu   See main entry: tu.

ptur   vintr. squirt, spit, spurt.

pu   vambi. 1 • pull, as in pulling a breath, or pulling a bow and arrow.

2 • hold e.g., bundle of spears.

puel   vintr. absent.

1 • absent, lost.

2 • disappear.

puet   vambi. 1 • pull.

2 • suck.

3 • bring, carry.

puetsok   vambi. 1 • hold. See: sarsok.

2 • catch, capture (as in a ball or a prisoner).

pug   vambi. wake.

pui   n. nudibranch. Category: aquatic creatures.

puk1   vintr. 1 • swell, to be full (of food).

2 • high tide (ntas ipuk 'the sea is full'). See: mu.

puk2   vintr. cough.

nafukwen   n. cough.

pukok   n. bud. Category: plants.

pukos   Variant: pkos. vambi. unfold, open up laplap, or a mat, or some cloth.

pul1   vintr. make a sign with the hand.

pul2   vintr. prune, cut branches off a tree.

pul3   vintr. twirl (sling), throw a net, shake your head, thrash tail (of a fish or an animal).

fulful   vintr. twirl, spin from one's hands.

pul4   vintr. dance.

pulmatelen   n. dawn. See: p̃ulp̃og. Category: natural features.

p̃ulp̃og   n. morning. Category: temporal.

p̃ulp̃og rik   Variant: p̃ulp̃og sasa. n. dawn. Category: natural features.

pulp̃ou   n. hat. Category: human artefact.

pulsok   adj. stuck. See: p̃on. Category: body part or product.

pultau   n. shellfish sp. Ovulas (general term). Ovulidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

pun1   v2. dead, when used with a verb of hitting like wat or krak. See: mat.

pun2   vambi. fish using poison.

nafunwen   n. fish poisoning.

p̃unopun   Variant: knopun. fish sp. Pufferfish.

n. fish sp. Pufferfish. Tetrodontidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

pupu1   n. shellfish sp. Tritons (general term). Cymatiidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

pupu2   vintr. gargle.

pur   adj. full, to fill up.

p̃ur   vintr adj. big.

p̃ura1   adj. double, as in fruit when there are two joined together.

p̃ura2   n. balls, testicles. See: plon; teem̃iit.

puri   vintr. prepare fire for laplap, heating stones that will be put into the earth oven (um).

purkum   n. bat. Category: other animals.

pus   vambi. put.

puser   vintr. look for something.

puserek   vintr. chat, See: traus; til; pes.

pusman   v. drive. See: kelsman.

puspta   vintr. arrange.

p̃ut   n. widower. See: maalep. Category: human relations.

put   vambi. pluck.

putkau   vintr. against, to be against.

putmak   vintr. withhold information, even though you know it, when someone asks you a question.

putsak   vintr. emerge, as in from the water.

putut   n. stone arrangement.

1 • stone arrangement.

2 • altar. Usage: archaic Category: human artefact.

puu   adj. naked. See: karo userek.

puul   n. shellfish sp. cowrie shell, general term. Cypraeidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

puun   n. Small green bird, smaller than the Red-bellied fruit dove (sunra). Its call is an omen of a death. Category: birds.

puup   adj. can't swim.

puur   1 • vintr. empty, to be.

2 • vintr. empty- handed, to be.

3 • n. empty shell, as in egg shell, or empty coconut, so puurkai is an empty cockle shell.

puus   adj. dumb, unable to speak, shy.

pwok   n. boar. Sus scrota. See: wak klet. Category: other animals.

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