T - t

ta1   excl. thanks. See: faftae; psawi.

ta2   n. aunt, father's sister (mother's sister is iak) Note: added to last syllable of some names e.g. ta + ana = tana, ta + lilo = talo. Category: human relations.

ta3   PVC. still.

ta4   Variant: tap. PVC. not. Used with mau as the second part of the negation.

ta=   pron. we (1st person dual inclusive realis Subject).

taa   vintr. wrap a part of the body, as in wrapping a scarf around the head, e.g., Taa mp̃aun ki gkal.

taag   n. seaslug, sea creature that is like a seasnail but without a shell. Category: aquatic creatures. See: litot.

taakot1   n. axe, curved axe used in battles.

taakot2   v. cut, with an axe (taakotkot indicates cutting many things). Variant: taakotkot.

taaloof   vintr. shake hands.

taam̃anm̃aan   v. scatter.

taam̃el   vintr. squat, crouch.

taap̃aar   n. sin, also used of an act which could be considered 'sinful'.

taapas   vintr. wave, call someone over with a hand gesture.

taap̃es   n. swamphen (type of bird). Porphiryo porphyrio samoensis. Category: birds.

taap̃etu   vintr. kneel.

taap̃os   adj. curved.

taar1   adj. white.

1 • white. Category: colours.

taar2   vintr. crow.

taar3   v. broke, to not have any money.

taasak   vintr. come to the shore from the sea.

taasok   vambi. hug, hold against the chest, like a child.

taata1   v. clear the ground, weed.

taata2   n. father, address term (used by members of the kram sea clam naflak). See: tmen; apap; gka.

taatan   n. burial. See: tan.

taatur   vambi. meet someone on their way to your house and come back with them.

tae   vambi. know.

1 • vambi. know. Also used in compounds, e.g., nrogtae recognise (hear), mrotae understand (know).

2 • aux. can, to be able to. See: metmatu.

taf   vintr. exit.

1 • exit, leave.

2 • diarrhea, have diarrhea.

tafafu   vintr. hatch (an egg).

tafesfes   vintr. pray.

tafiif   vintr. boiling.

1 • boiling, of water nai itafiif.

2 • whirlpool.

tafiif ni nlag   n. whirly wind. Category: natural features.

3 • bad feeling (idiomatic).

tafin   n. woman servant, slave (archaic). Category: human relations.

tafnau   vambi. teach. See: fnau.

tafra   n. whale.

1 • whale. Category: aquatic creatures.

2 • bundle of yams, used to take to a feast. See: nawi.

tafrafer   vintr. disperse.

taftaf   vintr. have diarrhoea. See: ntafwen; taf.

tafusfusrek   vintr. whisper.

tafut   n. fish sp. Hawkfishes (that travel with big fish). Also identified as Prettyfins. Cirrhitidae, Plesiopidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

tag   n. banana, plantain banana for cooking. See: tagmetkes; tagsus; tagmol. Category: plants.

tag   vambi. cry, mourn. See: tagter.

tagiter   n. seaslug.

1 • nudibranch, seaslug. Category: aquatic creatures.

2 • spirit. An omen of impending death. When you hear the voice of tagiter calling at sea, someone has died. Tagiter is a spirit (ntwam). Category: other supernatural.

v. cry out (of animals or devils), a call which is a sign that someone will die. See: tag.

tagmetkes   n. banana, cooking banana. Category: plants.

tagmol   n. banana species. Category: plants.

tagralim   n. moth sp. Black with white marks. See: mer. Category: insects, grubs etc..

tagsus   n. banana species. Category: plants.

tai1   n. brother. See: p̃al. Category: human relations.

tai2   vambi. cut, taiktof - cut down.

tak1   vambi. husk a coconut.

tak2   n. age-mate, someone the same age as you.

tak3   vambi. kick with your toes; stub your toes; trip.

tak=   Variant: tak. pron. we (1st person dual inclusive irrealis Subject).

takai=   pron. we two (1st person dual inclusive perfect Subject).

takau   vambi. trip.

takel   vintr. crooked.

takelkel   n. millipede. Category: insects, grubs etc..

takerker   n. Grey fantail (type of bird). Category: birds.

takinrog   vintr. listen.

takinrog wi   vintr. concentrate.

taklep   n. child, first born. Category: human relations.

takmaloput   n. child, middle born. Category: human relations.


takotp̃au   n. wreath. Category: human artefact.

takrik   n. child, last born. Category: human relations.

taktaak   vintr. sway.

1 • sway when walking, as when drunk. See: tartaar.

2 • roll, of a boat in the waves.

taktak ninai   n. Australian grey duck (type of bird). Anas superciliosa. Category: birds.

taktak1   n. duck (type of bird). Category: birds.

taktak2   n. fish sp. Bird wrasse. Gomphosus varius. See: patru. Category: aquatic creatures.

takto   n. river eel. See: mra. Category: aquatic creatures.

takto ninai   Variant: nmra. n. fish sp. saltwater eel. Category: aquatic creatures.

takwer1   n. sea-snake, black and white. Sea krait. Laticauda colubrina. Category: other animals.

takwer2   n. ray sp. Dark ray. Category: aquatic creatures.

talag   vambi. shine.

talaklak   n. whisper. Category: body part or product.

talau   n. yam sp., sweet, has spines along the ground around the root. Category: plants.

talel   vintr. dodge, avoid.

talgolig   n. dizzy.

taligftin   n. otitis, inflammation of the ear. Category: body part or product.

taligme   n. fish sp. Surgeonfishes, big one is called p̃arsor. See: tiftif; wel; rom̃. Acanthuridae. Category: aquatic creatures.

taligter   n. White-eyed moray, has 'ears'. Siderea grisea. Category: aquatic creatures.

talm̃at   n. garden. Category: plants.

talm̃at faum   n. newly planted garden.

talm̃at tau, talm̃at fus   n. garden left fallow.

talof   vintr. jump out of the way of something.

talpuk   n. crowd, group.

taltel   n. roll of pandanus (naki) leaves. After they have been cured in an earth oven and dried in the sun, the edges are stripped and rolled into large (300mm) rolls. Category: human artefact.

tam̃as   n. halo, ring around the moon (archaic).

tametpel   n. fish sp. Starck's demoiselle or Blackvent damsel. Chrysiptera starcki, Dischistodus melanotus. See: naik; nrimen. Category: aquatic creatures.

tam̃ra   n. starfish. Ophidiasteridae. Category: aquatic creatures.

tan   vintr. bury. See: ofa; taatan.

tanre   vambi. stir in a circular motion, unlike walnre which involves stirring from the bottom to the top. See: walnre.

tanu   vambi. spit.

ntanuen   Variant: ntanu. n inposs. spit.

tanum̃   vintr. put meat (of any kind, including seafood) on laplap. See: kof.

tanun   v. set, of the moon setting (for the sun setting use mtar). See: mtar.

tao1   vambi. 1 • leave, let go.

2 • divorce.

tao2   vambi. bake.

taos   vambi. follow.

1 • follow.

2 • similar to.

taos   prep. like.

taosikin   like, similar to.

tap1   adj. taboo, forbidden.

tap2   vintr. lean.

tapam   vintr. carry under the arm.

tapiak   Variant: tapia. vintr. 1 • beginning weaving a mat with crossed pair.

2 • lean something against something, like leaning a piece of wood against the wall.

tap̃ir   n. tree used to make lak, joints between nsem 'outrigger' and nakiat 'crossmember' on a canoe. This is a small tree, less than 10ft tall, also used to make a rough broom. Leaves can be used to numb the mouth when you have a toothache. Category: plants.

tapmarin   n. tree sp. Glochidion ramiflorum. Category: plants.

tap̃o   vintr. capsize, tip over.

tapol   vintr. steer a canoe by paddling. See: tlei; wal.

tapsik   vintr. clean ground.

tap̃u   n. heap, to mound up together or group together e.g. tap̃u nasok, 'heap of rubbish', tap̃u natam̃ol, 'crowd of people' or tap̃u naik, 'school of fish'.

tap̃uerkot   n. plant sp. used as a hedge, leaves eaten. Category: plants.

tarag   n. net. Category: human artefact.

tare   vintr. turn, as in an object turning, or being turned. See: nre.

tarim   n. armlet, coloured armlet for a chief. Category: human artefact. See: leel.

tarir   n. necklace worn by a chief.

tarisal   n. driftwood.

taro   n. bird which eats chilli and so its meat is spicy to eat. Category: birds.

tarp̃ek   v. fall. See main entry: tarup̃.

tarp̃otik   adj. noisy.

tartaar   vintr. walk crooked, stagger. See: taktak.

tarup̃   vintr. fall, stumble.

tarp̃ek   vtr. fall over.

tas   vambi. shave.

1 • shave, cut hair from skin.

2 • take bark off a tree.

tasai   vambi. cut the way through bush.

tasal   n. basket (pandanus or coconut). Category: human artefact. See: fuelig; nroog; likat; sp̃ol; tip̃el; polpol; nlafkir; napor; sarpotpot.

tasar   n. fish sp. deep sea fish. Category: aquatic creatures.

tasil   n. chief's assistant, warrior. Category: human relations.

tasoklas   n. crab's lowest legs which cover its rear end. Category: aquatic creatures.

tastes   n. plane, spokeshave. Category: human artefact.

tasur   n. king tide.

tatakaal   n. plant with flower which opens at 11.00 am, about a foot high, single leaves. Flower can be used as medicine when you spit blood. A white variant can be used as a broom. Category: plants.

tataras   n. plant sp. medicine can be made of the leaves. Category: plants.

tau   vintr. bear.

taulu   vambi. marry, of a man marrying a woman. See: lak; tousok; ptour.

taum̃of   vintr. sacrifice.

taurua   n. fish sp. Whitespotted surgeonfish. Acanthurua striatus, Acanthurus olivaceous. Category: aquatic creatures.

tausees   n. baby. See: teesa; nanin. Category: human relations.

tauso   vintr. commit adultery.

te-   det. article, used to make nouns out of adjectives and verbs, like temlaap from mlaap, 'last', means 'the last one'.

teemakoren   Variant: teemakor. n inposs. sisters, group of sisters (including women whose parents are siblings). Category: human relations.

teemat   n. corpse. See: naat mat. Category: body part or product.

teem̃iit   n. balls, testicles. See: polon; p̃ura; tep̃al; tep̃al. Category: body part or product.

teem̃okm̃ok   n. dentist. Category: human relations.

teem̃ol   n. animal (generic), creature. Category: other animals.

teemotmot   n. bandage. Category: human artefact.

teemp̃alun   n. brothers, a group of brothers (men whose parents are siblings). Category: human relations.

teemtakun   n. respect relationship. Used to describe the way that one behaved with in-laws, for example avoiding being near to them, and using the dual form instead of the singular when talking to an in-law (e.g. akam rakmai fam 'you (dual) come and eat'). (Tokelau Takau recalls this from her youth but it is no longer practised).

teemtmen   n. father and his child. Category: human relations.

teesa nanwei   n. boy, son. Category: human relations.

teesa napu   n. bastard, illegitimate child (lit. 'child of the road'). Category: human relations.

teesa nmatu   n. girl, daughter. Category: human relations.

teesa   n. child. A daughter or a girl is teesa nmatu and a son or a boy is teesa nanwei. See: nan; tausees.

teesa sees   n. child, baby. Category: human relations.

teetwei   prep. before.

tef1   vambi. 1 • cut, small cut.

2 • circumcise. See: mas.

tef2   vambi. carve (wood, or meat).

tef3   vintr. call of the Kingfisher, it brings luck if you hear it.

tefkau   n. mat, made from coconut leaf, used for walls of houses. Category: human artefact.

tefla   adv. similar.

tefra   vintr. line up, put things in a line.

tego   dem. that.

tekatpi   n. meat, any kind. Refers to meat needed to balance a meal which is otherwise vegetables.

tekor   n. shield, made of wood. Category: human artefact. See: siil2.

teleekor   n. guard, person who guards something. Category: human relations.

telele   n. television , glasses (lit: the thing to look at or with).

telit   v. explode, light up.

telomlom   n. camera.

tus ni telomlom   n. photo album. Category: human artefact.


tem̃anrogon   adj. alone, on their own. See: kineu skei.

tem̃rak   v. establish, build, erect.

tenag   dem. that. See: tenen.

tenen   dem. that. See: tenag.

teni   prep. of, belonging to.

tenrtenr   vintr. sleep walk, talk in your sleep.

tep̃   adj. empty, dried up, as rivers do.

tep̃al   n. balls, testicles. See: plon; p̃ura; teem̃iit. Category: body part or product.

tepei   adj. first.

1 • first.

2 • eldest, firstborn. Category: human relations.

3 • most important. See: pei.

teplag   adj. warped.

tep̃las   n. coconut wadding, the split coconut from which one has taken the germinated coconut. Category: plants.

tep̃lasnakin   Variant: tep̃lasnak. nail.

n inposs. fingernail. Category: body part or product.

tepsirsir   n. toy, plaything. Category: human artefact.

ter1   v. throw, backhanded throw.

ter2   vambi. iron.

ter3   vintr. glide, as of a bird.

ter4   v. warning that someone will die called out by the spirit called Tagiter. See: tagiter.

termau   adv. for good.

tet   n. sister (address term). Category: human relations.

tetau   n. small baby. Category: human relations.

tete   Variant: te. some.

quantifier. some.

tetrasfiu   n. shellfish sp. Astraea rhodostoma. Category: aquatic creatures.

tfa   n. thunder. Category: natural features.

tfag   vambi. build, pile up.

tfale1   interrog. how.

tfale2   interrog. which.

tfarer   vintr. break, of waves breaking on the shore. See: mlag.

tfarfar   n. fat, grease. Category: body part or product.

tfei   See main entry: tef.

tgof   vambi. push away, to get up off something and pushing away from it.

tia   vambi. turn, stretch oneself.

tiawi   n. ancestors, old people. Category: human relations.

tiei   vintr. start weaving.

tiel   vintr. laugh loudly.

tien   vintr. pregnant (of animals) and derogatory if used of people. See: plak.

tifli iskei   num. hundred, one hundred. Category: numeral.

tiftif   n. fish sp. Butterflyfishes and some Angelfishes. Note that any fish with long dorsal fins can be called nlae: sail, hence tiftif nlae for Bannerfish. Chaetodontidae, Pomacanthidae. See: map̃eriat; taligme.

tiftif wel rom   Surgeon fish sp. Category: aquatic creatures.

tigpiel   vintr. exchange.

tigtig   vintr. hop.

tiikor   n. fence.

1 • fence, small fence to keep animals out.

2 • wall of house.

3 • ridge made next to laplap to prevent things falling into the laplap.

4 • shield, made of wood. Category: human artefact.

tiip̃   vintr. lean.

1 • lean on a walking stick.

2 • push a boat along with a pole.

tiisoksok   adj. crowded; be full (as of a fat person); be full (as of a basket).

tik1   vintr. bang, noise of something sudden. See: nres.

tik2   vintr interject. 1 • no, nothing.

2 • not have.

tik3   Variant: tk. v. 1 • fight.

2 • have sex with, literally to bang.

ftik   vintr. Usage: euphemistic sex, to have sex with. Use ftik instead of tki to avoid embarrassment.

tikfu   vambi. split, as in a nut or hard fruit. See: pkafu.

tiktik   n. shellfish sp. shellfish, like a trochus, but green. Category: aquatic creatures.

til   vambi. say, tell. See: pes; na.

tilmaar   n. shellfish sp. Hebrew Cone, cone shellfish, distinguished by black squared marking. Also identified as Nielsen's Cone. Conus ebraeus, Conus nielsenae. Category: aquatic creatures.

tilm̃ar   vintr. spin.

tilm̃ori   v adj. tell truth, honest, to be honest.

tilsa   v. criticise.

tilsei   v. 1 • admit, declare, announce.

2 • prophesy.

tilsoksok   v. promise.

tilusus   v. describe.

1 • describe.

2 • talk badly of someone, run someone down.

timen   n. arrow. Category: human artefact.

tipaaru   vintr. give birth, bear a child. Category: body part or product.

tip̃ek   n. Boobook owl (type of bird). Category: birds.

tip̃el   n. basket type. Category: human artefact. See: fuelig; nroog; likat; sp̃ol; tasal; polpol; nlafkir; napor; sarpotpot.

tip̃ot   n. picture. See: nan.

tiptip   v. choose. See: mtalu.

tir   vintr. fish.

1 • fish from a boat. See: oraik.

2 • put something into a container.

tit   vintr. dry by sun light.

tkal   vambi. touch.

tkalnrog   vambi. feel around, feel by touching.

tkanwan   excl. so, that's the way, how.

tkapir   vambi. comb.

tkar   vintr. take something that someone gives you.

tkarkaar   adj. restless, can't stop quiet.

tkas   n. rooster (type of bird). Category: birds.

tkau1   n. 1 • fish hook.

namet tkau   n. eye of the fish hook.


2 • fish, to fish.

3 • used by a man as an expression for catching a woman. Usage: idiomatic Category: human artefact.

tkau2   vambi. cut, e.g. grass with a scythe.

tkau3   vambi. pull, e.g. on the trigger of a rifle (tkau sisi).

tlai   vintr. warm oneself at a fire.

tlas   vambi. enough, to be.

tlei   vintr. steer canoe by holding paddle still in the water. See: tapol; wal.

tm̃a   vambi. point, show by finger.

tm̃alu   vintr. depart.

tm̃an   n. stick, used as the drill stick in for fire making. Use a hard wood, for example nap̃lel. Nmatupes is wood used by women to start fire, nam̃ernra is wood used by men to start fire. The base piece of wood does not have a name. Category: human artefact.

tm̃anruk   n. blister.

1 • blister. Category: body part or product.

2 • shellfish sp. chiton. Polyplacophora. Category: aquatic creatures.

tmat   adj. calm.

1 • calm, no wind.

2 • peace.

tmawot   n. couple, husband and wife, two spouses. Category: human relations.

tmen   Variant: tem. n inposs. father, father's brother. See: apap; gka; tata. Category: human relations, kinterm.

tm̃en   n. laplap, individual pieces on a leaf.

tmo   PVC. reflexive, reciprocal. Used to indicate either an action a person performs on themself, or an action performed by more than one person on others. It is formed by using tmo / tme in the preverbal complex and then the direct possesive suffix.

tmotum   vintr. knock, e.g. on a door.

tnol   vambi. swallow.

tnolsa   choke.

tnus   vintr. sting, to be stinging, an insect bite stings. See: sup̃.

to   1 • vambi. stay.

2 • aux. habitual, used with an activity that occurs habitually.

3 • aux. progressive, used with an ongoing activity.

4 • dirpart. at (directional particle). Follows a location specified by the verb.

tof1   vambi. push. See: kis.

tof2   n. fish sp. Rabbitfish. See: fser; tofkas; sm̃os. Siganidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

tofkas   n. fish sp. Peppered rabbitfish or Coral rabbitfish. Siganidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

tog   n. foreign place. Jack Kalon says tog is from the mangrove (natog) pod which floats around and goes to different places. Category: placename.

togtog   n. yam, red, white, big, small (togtogm̃it) etc.

togtogm̃it   n. yam sp, also togtogmiel, togtogtar. Category: plants.

tok   vambi. burn.

tokape   n. Green-winged ground dove (type of bird). Chalcophaps indica. Category: birds.

toklau   n. wind from the sea. See: lagsu. Category: natural features.

tokleg   vintr. wake up, get up.

toklos   vambi. facing, in front of, with regard to, about.

toknak   vintr. prepare. See: aliat toknak Saturday.

toknimakil   n. yam sp, shaped like a bottle, small at the top and large at the base. Category: plants.

tokomai   n. cricket. Category: insects, grubs etc..

tokor   vambi. block. See: kor.

tol1   num. three. Category: numeral.

katol   adj. third.

tol2   vambi. pass.

tolu   v. turn your back on someone.

tom   vambi. suck (e.g. lolly in mouth).

ton   vintr. compare, measure.

too   n. fowl (type of bird).

too mil   n. wild fowl (big name).

too nmatu   n. hen.

too ses   n. chicken. Category: birds.

too waipit   n. chicken with ruffled feathers, or whose feathers aren't straight.

took   n. adze, narrow adze used for cutting out the inside of a canoe. See: limur kram p̃el. Category: human artefact.

toopup̃   vintr. full mouth.

toor   n. shellfish sp. Pearl Oyster (general term). Pteriidae. See: flefil; ruum. Category: aquatic creatures.

toos   vintr. slip, drag.

top   vintr adj. big.

1 • big, much.

2 • swell (also toptop).

topi   n. Vanuatu white-eye (type of bird). Zosterops flavifrons. Category: birds.

tor   vambi. fill with liquid.

toreki   Variant: torik. wait.

vambi. wait.

tortor   n. heat.

1 • heat.

2 • steam. Category: natural features.

torwak   vintr. anchor. Category: human artefact.

totan   Variant: toktan. sit.

vintr. 1 • sit.

2 • land, come ashore.

toto   vintr. grope, in a place you can't see in, like in a basket, or in the dark.

totogmal   n. fish sp. Reef needlefish, garfish, red mouth. Strongylura incisa. Category: aquatic creatures.

totoluk   vintr. turn your back on someone.

totur   vambi. go through.

1 • go through, e.g., a door.

2 • via, by means of, as in via a letter.

tousok   vambi. marry, of the pastor marrying the couple. See: lak; ptour.

tp̃ak   adj. frizzy (hair).

tp̃er1   n. fence, big fence for cows or horses. Category: human artefact.

tp̃er2   vintr. break, as of a wave on the beach.

tp̃il   vambi. burn, light (as in fire), blow up.

tp̃okor   vambi. stop someone doing something.

tp̃olu   vambi. send someone to take a message. See: tp̃ek.

tp̃osok   v. push hard against an object, like a tree or a rock.

tp̃otunr   v. nod one's head. See: tunr.

tp̃otur   v. pray, say prayers before going to sleep. See: lot.

traares   n. sugarcane sp. red one. See: nap̃rai; tukmel; makol; nafakton. Category: plants.

traf   vambi. dig. See: kil.

trafseo   v. dig a hole to plant in.

trai   vambi. grate, using kai shell, or skitrai for coconuts. See: maa.

trakap   n. fish sp. Squirrelfish (Threespot squirrelfish and similar). Holocentridae. See: sreniu. Category: aquatic creatures.

trakp̃og   v. walk about at night.

tralosak   vintr. on one's back, be.

trapelpel   vintr. hurry, to go quickly. See: pelpel.

trares   n. sugarcane, type of green cane.

trau   preverbal modifier. 1 • seems, looks. Followed by an adjective: itrau sa it looks bad, itrau miel it looks red; or verb: itrau mur.

2 • very, really (intensifier).

3 • just, only.

traus   vambi. tell. See: puserek; til; pes.

tro   v. flow, bleed. See: ser.

trok   vintr. agree.

1 • agree.

2 • amen.

tu1   v. stand up, to stand.

tu2   vditr. give (note that 'give me' is tao). See: ptu; sai; naftuan.

ptu   vintr. give. See: tu.

tu=   pron. we (1st person plural inclusive realis Subject).

tuaal   vintr. stay for the whole day, as at a funeral.

tue   vintr. make, as in making tools, or a house, or craft. But not used of cloth or mats which would use tur 'to sew'.

tuei   adj. long time, old.

tui=   pron. we (1st person plural inclusive perfect Subject).

tuk   vambi. carry on the back, like a child, or firewood, tow behind, like a canoe.

tuk=   Variant: tuk. pron. we (1st person plural inclusive irrealis Subject).

tukmel   n. sugarcane sp. See: nap̃rai; traares; makol; nafakton. Category: plants.

tuktau   vambi. wipe.

tul   vintr. sway, in the wind or in the water. To rock something back and forth (e.g. tul ki teesa to rock the child). Also used to describe the motion of your head as you nod off to sleep.

tuleg   vintr. stand, arise.

tuluk   n. tuluk, a small parcel of cassava wrapped around meat and covered in leaves, cooked in an earth oven. Typically small enough to hold in the hand.

tum̃   vambi. aim, point with finger.

1 • vambi. aim, point with finger.

2 • vintr. erect, be erect, of a penis.


tunr   vintr. bow.

tuntun   adj. delicious.

tuntun   v. wobbly texture such as jelly or the fat of someone's fat belly.

tup̃1   Variant: tp̃. 1 • vambi. hit, punch, when used without ki.

2 • vambi. shoot (arrow).

3 • prep. until, in the sense of 'shoot to the time'. See: ftup̃.

4 • prep. achieve, get to.

tup̃2   v. prop, support a tree branch by placing a prop of wood under it.

tup̃ek   vambi. send. See: tp̃olu.

tup̃er   n. fence, larger than lak, for bigger animals, like cattle. See: lak. Category: human artefact.

tup̃roor   n. ant sp. red ant. Category: insects, grubs etc..

tuput   n. rainbow. Category: natural features.

tur1   vambi. 1 • drill.

2 • sew, sew thatch, bind fish together into a bundle (ntur). See: ntur.

tur2   n. fish sp. Flagtail. Kuhliidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

tur3   vintr. leak.

tusur   v. tease, annoy. See: sursur.

tut1   vambi. tie knot; tie a band of cloth around the chest in which to carry a baby. See: natut appointment.

tut2   vintr. drown. See: m̃or.

tuumas   n. yam sp. Category: plants.

tuup̃ur   n. elephantiasis,' fat leg'. Category: body part or product.

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