N - n

nasum̃   n. house. Category: human artefact.

nasum̃ malik   n. cell.

nasum̃ ni faat   n. bank. Category: human artefact.

nasum̃ ni pi   n. beehive. Category: insects, grubs etc..

esum̃ namsaki   n. hospital. Category: human artefact.

na1   det. the.

na2   hesit. hesitation.

na3   Variant: nag. vintr. say.

na4   Variant: nag. vintr. want, to want. To intend to do something. See: mur.

na6   COMP. complementiser, used after other verbs of speaking or feeling as in Bislama, 'se'.

na7   PVC. begin to.

na8   Variant: nag. REL. relativiser, used after a noun to introduce a relative clause.

naage   n. almond, native almond. Note: nut tree, resin once used for caulking canoes. Canarium indicum, Canarium harveii. Category: plants.

naal ni teesa   n. womb ('basket for child'), afterbirth or sac the baby is in inside the womb. Category: body part or product.

naal   n. basket. See: nrog. Category: human artefact. See: fuelig; likat; tip̃el; sp̃ol; tasal; polpol; nlafkir; napor; sarpotpot.

naal   prep. inside, the main part of something (fe.g., v:naal naruk the palm of your hand).

naalon   Variant: naal. crotch.

n inposs. crotch, part of the front of the body where the legs meet. Category: body part or product.

naar   n. tide, current. Category: natural features.

naariu   n. lemongrass, used to make tea. Category: plants.

naat   n. tree sp. Nut inside the fruit, eaten only by flying fox. Wood can be used to make paddles. Terminalia sepicona. Category: plants.

naaten   Variant: naat. n inposs. 1 • soul.

2 • spirit, a spirit that can't be seen and can be either good or bad. Category: body part or product.

naat   person. See: natam̃ol.

3 • someone, a definite but non-specific person.

naat p̃rakot   anybody. somebody. Category: human relations.

naatmat   n. fruit fly. Category: insects, grubs etc..

naf1   n. liquid.

naf2   n. pumice stone. See: faatsal.

nafakton   n. sugarcane species, green (ksakes) and red (miel). Category: plants. See: nap̃rai; trares; tukmel; makol.

nafamwen   feast.

nafanu1   n. tree sp. Leaves used as a medicine. Category: plants.

nafanu2   n. country. Category: natural features.

nafanu sa   n. hell. Category: other supernatural.

nafarifa   n. tree sp. Neisosperma sp.?. Category: plants.

nafarun   Variant: nafar. wing.

n inposs. wing. Category: body part or product.

nafeifeien   n. omen. Category: other supernatural. See: fei.

nafen   Variant: nafnen. n inposs. armpit. Category: body part or product.

nafengan   Variant: nafenga. flesh.

n inposs. flesh that is inside a shell, e.g. coconut or shellfish, also the pith around a nut, like nafil.

nafenu   n. tree with a furry leaf, used to cover fish when you cook them, gives them a nice taste. Also now used to clean diving glasses. Category: plants.

nafer   Variant: naferfren. bits.

n. bits, crumbs.

naferkal   n. group of children.

naferkal   n. dwarf spirit that usually moves around in groups. Category: other supernatural.

nafet1   n. spleen. Category: body part or product.

nafet2   n. group, used of plants, animals or trees.

nafetfet   n. seat of canoe.

1 • seat of canoe. Category: human artefact.

2 • platform between canoe and outrigger. Category: human artefact.

nafi   n. taro sp. Category: plants.

nafiefi   n. tree, like a small palm with a grooved leaf, the heart is used for roasting fish. Has bitter fruit used as an emetic, eat it if you have eaten poison to vomit out the poison onto the person who has poisoned you. Category: plants.

nafil   n. navele, Bush Nut tree, smaller one, compare with napkor or nafil pokor which has a bigger pith (nafengan) around the nut. Barringtonia edulis. Category: plants.

nafilsanr   n. tree sp. Leaves used for decoration as they smell good. Tree used for firewood, birds eat the fruit. Category: plants.

nafinaotan   n. chiefliness, also the chiefly line. See: naot.

nafinrin   Variant: nafinr. rib.

n inposs. rib. Category: body part or product.

nafis   n. Fijian asparagus, navisa (Bislama), small sugar cane.

nafit   n. slave. This could be someone who has had their land taken away as punishment and is sent away from their own village. See: manmun. Category: human relations. Usage: archaic

nafitiawian   n. old age. See: tiawi.

nafkal   n. battle, war.

nafkou   n. messenger.

naflak   n. clan. Note: you are in the same clan as your mother. You have to marry someone from another clan. Some clans no longer exist because of no children in the line. Some of the clans and their characteristics are: kram a shell which sits on the beach in good time but buries itself in the sand in bad times; nm̃al a wild yam. The shoots don't follow the rope you put to train it. namkanr a plant which grows quickly, takes firm hold, but dies soon after; ntal taro, skin is a little bitter but the inside is good; nawi yam, these people control their feelings; wit, the octopus, who changes colour depending on its surroundings. Category: human relations.

naflel   n. dry leaves (after cooking on the hot stones). See: nteu. Category: plants.

naflewen   n. fight, argument. See: ple.

nafnag ni afsak   n. plant which grows near the sea, succulent, eat it with dry coconuts or pickle it with chilli. Category: plants.

nafnag   n. food (veg).

nafofon   n. vine sp. Strong vine which was used to make whips. Category: plants.

nafolflon   Variant: naflon. behaviour.

n. behaviour. See: folfol.

nafon   n. pubic cover, woven cloth which used to be attached by the belt and passed between men's thighs. See: fon; nasieg; pisp̃lolo; nanrepnrep; nap̃lai. Usage: archaic Category: human artefact.

nafrofur   n. scrub.

nafrofursa   n. plant, any kind of plant for which there is no use and which is regarded as a weed. Category: plants.

nafsan   n. story.

1 • story.

2 • language.

nafsik   n. flesh (of fruit or animal). Category: body part or product.

nafsup̃narun   Variant: nafsup̃nar. elbow.

n inposs. elbow. Category: body part or product.

nafte   interrog. what. See: ku.

naftogin   Variant: naftog. stem.

n inposs. stem of a plant. Category: plants.

naftourwen   n. wedding. Today also commonly nlakwen. See: lak.

naftuan   n. gift. See: tu give.

nafum̃   Variant: nafum̃e. flower. Variant: nafum̃kas.

n. flower. See: fum̃. Category: plants.

nafusrekwen   Variant: nafuserekwen. conversation.

n. conversation.

nafut   n. bubble.

nagi   n. tree, strong ironwood, grows on rocks by the sea, trunk can be 2 ft in diameter, succulent leaf and small flower with yellow centre. Medicinal uses. Leaves can be used to make your teeth strong. Also use it to decorate your house. Category: plants.

nagien   n inposs. name.

nagis   n. point, cape, headland.

nagitpar   n. tree, leaves look like cabbage, grows near the sea, smells good. Leaves used for medicine. Category: plants.

naglan   Variant: nagal. gum.

n inposs. gum. Category: body part or product.

nagorin   Variant: nagor. nose.

n inposs. 1 • nose. Category: body part or product.

2 • end of a mat, tassle or special weaving. Category: human artefact.

nagrof   n. tree, New Guinea Rosewood. Timber used for canoes. Pterocarpus indicus. Category: plants.

nai   n. water. See: ntas. Category: natural features.

nai kokon   n. bitter, alcoholic drink, wine, spirits and so on.

nai latlat   n. beer (bubble water).

nai miel   n. wine. Category: human artefact.

naik man   n. fish sp. Lion fish, Butterfly fish. Pterois spp. Category: aquatic creatures.

naik nrimen   n. fish sp. Damselfishes, Anemonefishes. Pomacentridae. See: tametpel. Category: aquatic creatures.

naik taos   n. fish sp. Remoras. Echeneidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

naik   n. fish (generic). Category: aquatic creatures.

naikmetpuk   Priacanthus mauracanthus. fish sp. kind of flying fish. Category: aquatic creatures.

naiknrir   n. fish sp. kind of flying fish. Category: aquatic creatures.

nainom   n. tree sp. Fruit eaten by flying-foxes. Category: plants.

naipir   n. Chinese Lantern tree. Hernandia nymphaeifolia, Hernandia peltata. Category: plants.

nairo   n. yam sp. Category: plants.

naiser   n. river. See: naum̃. Category: natural features.

naisig   n. bush with red berries, fruit is sweet. Malopia scondens. Category: plants.

naisun   n inposs. 1 • breast. See: mimi; sus. Category: body part or product.

2 • prickle, thorn: (naisun); naism̃ol orange thorn; naislaim; naismandrin. Category: plants.

nait   n. Fig tree, figs wrap around the trunk of the tree. Ficus wassa. Category: plants.

naitar   n. semen. Category: body part or product.

naitarpes   n. yam sp. Category: plants.

naken   Variant: nak. n inposs. inside leg.

nakfakof   n. tree sp. Good for firewood. Category: plants.

naki   n. pandanus, cultivated. Hanging roots are used to make tongs (gkur) for taking stones out of the fire. Pandanus tectorius ?. See: nfak. Category: plants.

nakiat   n. cross-member of a canoe, joins the canoe to the outrigger. Category: human artefact.

nakik   n. poles attached to top of a canoe used as handle for carrying the canoe. Category: human artefact.

nakimtirmtir   n. pandanus with striped leaves. Category: plants.

nakir   n. coral.

1 • coral.

2 • gravel. Category: aquatic creatures.

nakirles   n. soft coral (some is edible). Category: aquatic creatures.

naklak   n. tree sp. Comb tree, small fruit eaten by flying foxes. Planchonella grayana. Category: plants.

naklun   n inposs. skin, of people only. See: nasokon. Category: body part or product. See: kul.

nakmou   n. tree, Island Teak, hardwood used for tools and for houses. Bark once used to make barkcloth. Intsia bijuga. Category: plants. Category: plants.

naknin   Variant: nakin. finger.

n inposs. finger, toe. Category: body part or product.

naknot   n. tuber, any kind of tuber (e.g. naknot ntal, a yam tuber). Category: plants.

naknraen   n inposs. brain, bone marrow. Category: body part or product.

nako   n. root. Category: plants.

nakof   soft, of ground, in ntan nakof, half sand half soil. Category: natural features.

nakoi   n. plot, allotment of land. See: nmakot.

nakoinrok   prep. back, behind, rear.

nakompak   n. yam sp. Sweet, like arrowroot. Category: plants.

nakon1   n inposs. 1 • face. Category: body part or product.

2 • prow of a canoe.

nakon2   n. share, half.

nakpei   prep. ahead, forward, front.

nakpes   n. tree sp., young leaves eaten together with ntali fruit. Also use the wood to make fish traps by planting sticks vertically in the water to create a fence. Category: plants.

nakrik   n. Fig tree. Ficus virgata. Category: plants.

nakrok   n. vine sp. Strong vine. Category: plants.

nakser   n. wild kava, creeping thick vine, leaf eaten, but not the root. Its leaves can stop a devil that is following you. Category: plants.

nakte   pron ?. my(1st person singular possessive). Unusual in being the only possessive form that precedes the object it possesses.

nakur   n. Indian Mulberry, not used as a dye today, but it was used as a yellow dye for mats and hair. Layard (1915) says it was used for sickness, and that it was mixed with lime to make a red paint. Also known for medicinal uses (as 'Tahitian noni'). Morinda citrifolia. Category: plants.

nakwak   n. coleus, used as medicine and to decorate the house. Coleus spp. Category: plants.

nala   n. vine, lawyer cane, used for binding, for example the outrigger to the cross-members. Also known as Supplejack. Flagellaria spp.. Category: plants.

nalag1   n. scale, of a fish. See: lag. Category: aquatic creatures.

nalag2   n. song.

nalamlame   n. dew. Category: natural features.

nalapul   n. web, spider web. Category: insects, grubs etc..

nalauna   n. nation. Category: human relations.

nalelewen   n. opinion. See: le.

nalen   n inposs. voice. Category: body part or product.

nalenan   n. truth.

nalepleptau   n. skin disorder, spots on skin, itchy, white and black varieties, leaf disease. Category: body part or product.

nalewen   n. look, the way something looks.

nalewen wi   beautiful, something that looks attractive.

nalewen sa   ugly, something that doesn't look good.

nalfen   n inposs. track.

nali   n. clearing for a house.

naliati   days, used to describe a period of time, not a specific day, which would be aliat.

ser naliati   adv. every day, daily.

m̃au naliati   n. day, whole day. Category: natural features.

naliel   n. vine sp. Used for temporary binding, sap hurts your eyes. Category: plants.

nalik   n. tree sp. Small tree (3-4 metres), firewood. Category: plants.

nalkis   n. medicine, leaf magic.

nalnatuen   Variant: nalnatu. n inposs. arch of foot. Category: body part or product.

nalo1   n. dust, smoke. Category: natural features.

nalo2   n. tree, small tasty nuts, wood also used for house construction and fuel. Finschia chloroxantha. Category: plants.

nalomlom   n. moss. Category: plants.

nalotwen   prayer.

n. prayer. See: lot.

naltelit   n. spark.

nalun   hair; moustache; beard, body hair.

n inposs. hair, moustache, beard, body hair, his/her, nal nfas nametfv:(kit) - our eybrows; Category: body part or product.

nalwaniksu   n. sea urchin with soft bristles. It is eaten raw or cooked. the name comes from the spines looking like a rat's whiskers (nal (hair) wan ni kusu (rat)). See: somkol. Category: aquatic creatures. See: sup̃sup̃; saofak.

nam̃   n. coconut, green, no flesh inside, but you can drink it. First stage at which you can consume a coconut. Category: plants.

nam   n. yam sp. some are sweet, some are bitter, red, yellow, white ones. Fruit hangs down and can be eaten, it is like a potato. Kalsarap says it is not eaten today as it is too bitter. Layard (1915) says it is fruit of a wild yam skinned and scraped and put in a basket in which it is soaked for a day in salt water, then for another day in fresh water. It may be eaten without further preparation, or else cooked with coconut scrapings. Category: plants.

namal nkas   n. log of wood. Category: plants.

namalko ni us   n. cloud, storm cloud. Category: natural features.

namalmil   n. tree sp. Garuga floribunda.

namamao   n. tree, also known as nkas ni Esanr 'Santo tree', used for tree posts. See: nametal. Pipturus argenteus. Category: plants.

namamwen   n. poisoning, food poisoning. See: mam to be poisoned.

nam̃aniu   n. bunch of fruit on a tree, like coconuts or nmal (Hog Plums).

namas   n. harvest, food from the garden. Category: plants.

nam̃aser   n. grass skirt. Category: human artefact.

namatal   n. tree, Puzzle Tree. Note: bark used as cord, leaves medicinal. Kleinhovia hospita. Category: plants.

namatun   n. thing.

nam̃el   n. namele, cycad palm. Leaves used as a sign of peace. Fruit not eaten today. Category: plants.

nam̃elfer   n. charcoal.

nam̃elnatuen   Variant: nam̃elnatu. n inposs. heel.

namen1   Variant: namen. n inposs. tongue. Category: body part or product.

namen2   Variant: name. n inposs. urine, piss. See: me.

namenkori   n. spleen, a part of the guts that looks like a dog's tongue (namen 'tongue', kori 'dog'). Category: body part or product.

nam̃er1   n. people, more than one person. See: kano; naat; natam̃ol. Category: human relations, human relations.

nam̃er2   Variant: pinis. n. tree, Bead Tree. Note: bright red hard seeds used for necklaces. Wood used for canoe paddles. Adenanthera pavonina. Category: plants.

nam̃ermra   n. tree, the red bark of it is scraped and rubbed in the hair to make dreadlocks. The wood is not good to burn as its fumes are bad for asthmatics. Leaves used as medicine (taken every five days) and to wrap things, but not for cooking. Category: plants.

namesp̃al   n. desert, place with no vegetation. Category: natural features.

nameswen   n. game. See: mes.

namet faai   n. fish sp. Emperors. Lethrinidae. See: nsul. Category: aquatic creatures.

namet nafsan   n. verse.

namet p̃ur   n. door. Category: human artefact.

namet sees   Variant: namet klas. window. Variant: nmetlele.

n. window. Category: human artefact.

nametal   n. tree sp. Used for building, but rots if put in the ground. See: namamao. Category: plants.

nametfaai   n. fish sp. Emperors. Lethrinidae. See: nsul. Category: aquatic creatures.

nametfau   n. hole drilled in the side of canoe used to attach cross-members. Category: human artefact.

nametmet   n. banana for cooking, a white one (nametmet tar), and red one (nametmet miel). Category: plants.

nametmetmiel   n. banana, type of banana. Category: plants.

nametnai   n. spring. Category: natural features.

nametp̃agon   n inposs. end, conclusion.

nametrau   n. family.

1 • family, line. Close family. Now many people use 'famle'. Category: human relations. See: naflak. Category: human relations.

2 • type.

namgalgal   n. tree sp. Timber, strong wood. Category: plants.

namgar1   n. coconut disease; white spots in the throat and on the tongue.

namgar2   n. plant sp. Small plant that grows to 20cm, along the seashore. The leaves are roasted and then drunk as a cure for coughs. Category: plants.

namiel   n. rust.

namir ni euut   n. tree sp. Used to be used to make candles as it has a natural kind of kerosene. The fruit can be used for dancing rattles. Category: plants.

namir   n. tree, Island Walnut. Used for spear wood, especially good because the wood is strong but floats. Category: plants.

namkanr   n. plant, grows quickly, takes firm hold, but dies soon after. Grows to about 1 metre, like a weed. Also known as wild arrowroot. One of the clans (naflak). Food eaten after cyclone has damaged all other food. Two kinds, red and white. The red one has no leaves and produces a bad smelling flower. Category: plants.

nam̃lak   n. dregs, small amount of drink left in a glass.

nam̃lalop   n. bamboo species. Category: plants. See: lop.

namlas   n. bush. See: namlaskos. Category: natural features.

namlaskos   n. jungle. See: namlas. Category: plants.

nam̃lat   n. tree, Devil nettle. Note: stinging nettle tree. Dendrocnide latifolia.

nam̃len1   n inposs. tail (of fish). See: napu animal's tail.

nam̃len2   Variant: nam̃le; nam̃el. n inposs. place, space, plenty of room.

nam̃lenatuen   Variant: nam̃lenatu. n inposs. footprint.

nam̃les   n. plant, eaten in laplap, has white flowers. There is a white (tar), red (miel) and green (ksakes) variety. Graptophyllum spp. Category: plants.

namlun   Variant: namul. skin.

n inposs. skin, hide (of animals). Category: body part or product.

nam̃nam̃   n. grass. Category: plants.

namok   n. tree. Rosewood, used for making canoes, paddles, carving. Prized for its colour. Fruit eaten raw. Cordia subcordata. Category: plants.

nam̃olien   n. life. See: m̃ol.

nam̃olin   n inposs. body. Category: body part or product.

nam̃ol nasum̃   n. body/outside of house.

nam̃on   Variant: nam̃. heart.

n inposs. 1 • heart.

2 • lung. Category: body part or product.

nam̃or   n. hole, deep place in the sea.

nam̃oru   n. deep sea. See: paketan.

namos   n. ocean. See: elau; ntas. Category: natural features.

nam̃os   n. tree used to make the outrigger (nsem) of a canoe, and the cross-members (nakiat). Category: plants.

nam̃ou   n. tree sp. Bark once used to make barkcloth.

namrem   n. light.

1 • light.

2 • Christianity (reflecting the Christian notion that before missionaries was a time of 'darkness').

namroan   n. thinking.

nam̃romin   Variant: nam̃rom. leaf.

n inposs. new leaf growth. Category: plants.

namrun   n. something.

namsaki   n. sickness.

namta   n. end of reef, where it becomes the open sea.

namtagot   n. tree sp. Elattostachys falcata. Category: plants.

namtame   n. crab (general term). Category: aquatic creatures.

namtamiel   n. tree sp. wood used to make the frame of a thatch house. Category: plants.

nam̃tam̃ot   n. dust.

1 • dust on the spear of the coconut palm.

2 • sawdust. See: nalo. Category: natural features, plants.

3 • rubbish.

namtampe   n. thatch, usually sewn up from sago (rowat) leaves, one row of thatch. Category: human artefact.

namtau   n. anchor. Category: human artefact.

namten   Variant: namet. n inposs. eye. See: tkau; nametfau. Category: body part or product.

namten   window, door of a house. See: namet sees; namet p̃ur.

namtlen   n. section, as found in fruit, e.g., a pawpaw which has five sections, or an orange's sections. Category: plants.

namtun   n. tree sp. Ornamental, latex leaves used in medicinal preparations and poison. Used as fish poison. Cerbera odollam. Category: plants.

namurien   n. desire, wanting something. See: mur.

nan   n. ringworm. Category: body part or product.

nana   interject. 'thingamy', used as a filler when you can't think of the right word.

nanan   n. goat. Category: other animals.

nanin1   n inposs. child.

nanin2   Variant: nan. n inposs. shadow, photo. See: tip̃ot.

naniu motu   n. green coconut with a shell just starting to dry. Category: plants.

naniu1   n. coconut, name of the tree and the fruit. Cocos nucifera.

naniu2   n. dolphin. Delphinidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

nanom   adv. yesterday. Category: temporal.

nanr1   n. fish sp. Needlefish, Halfbeaks. Hemirhamphidae, Belonidae. See: p̃agp̃ag. Category: aquatic creatures.

nanr2   n. banana, generic. Also a kind of banana which is very yellow and the bunch grows up on the tree rather than hanging down. Category: plants.

nanra   n. banana species where the hand of fruit stands up straight rather than hanging down. Category: plants.

nanrau namet   Variant: nanrau namet. n inposs. eyelashes.

nanre   n. side.

nanre wes   beside.

nanrepnrep   n. cloth used to wrap oneself in, lavalava. Category: human artefact. See: nap̃lai; nasieg; pisp̃lolo.

nanreu   n. fish bones, bones of small animals, like snakes. Category: body part or product.

nanrm̃a   n. tree, used for rough house posts. Poisonous wood, and smoke from its fire is an irritant. Eaten only by children. Also used as a medicine for asthma. Also used to make nawes (paddles). Has exposed buttressed roots. Pipturus argenteus. Category: plants.

nanrm̃anipun   n. tree sp. good wood for making the outrigger of a canoe (nakiat ). Category: plants.

nanrmem pot   n. banana sp. Category: plants.

nanrmem swit   n. banana sp. Category: plants.

nanrognrogon   n. news.

nanrogtesan   n. trouble. See: nrogtesa.

nanromien   n. present.

1 • present. See: nrom.

2 • feeling of love.

nanrum̃en   Variant: nanrum̃. n inposs. chest. Category: body part or product.

nanrup̃   n. plantation. See: naroi.

nanrur   n. earthquake. See: nrur. Category: natural features.

nanrwor1   n. banana sp. Category: plants.

nanrwor2   n. yolk, egg-yolk.

nanu   n. pearl, bead.

nanuen   Variant: nanu. n inposs. neck. Category: body part or product.

nanumtap̃es   n. tree sp. green fruit that goes grey or black and then can be used to make necklaces. Category: plants.

nanwei   n. man, male. Category: human relations.

nao1   vambi. grate the skin (of roasted yams and taro).

nao2   n. wave.

naor   n. place.

naot   n. chief, boss, captain, leader. Category: human relations.


nap   n. pumice. Category: natural features. See: faatsal.

nap̃   n. tree. Note: seeds ground up with sand and water and placed into pools to kill fish (JIW:124) Leaf used for roasting food. Barringtonia asiatica. Category: plants.

nap̃a   n. tree, with hard nut seeds. Category: plants.

nap̃ap̃ak   n. banana species (like a niuslan). Category: plants.

napas   n. fish sp. Pipefish, Shrimpfish. Category: aquatic creatures.

napas   n. coconut branch, middle of the big coconut from which the leaves (naun naniu) grow. Category: plants.

nap̃e   n. slitgong.

napeenr   n. food made from manioc.

1 • food made from dried manioc, grate the manioc and then squeeze the water from manioc and leave it to dry, mix with coconut milk and put a hot stone into it. It is like a jelly. Category: plants human artefact.

2 • arrowroot, the introduced plant that was collected and then used by the missionaries to raise funds for printing translations of Christian materials. Category: plants.

nap̃ei luk   n. puddle of water left at low tide.

napel   n. fish sp. sardine. Clupeidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

nap̃el   n. yam sp., metre long (or more) white yam. Category: plants.

nap̃elen   n inposs. belly.

nap̃elgan   n. page of a book.

napelial   n. fish sp. Indo-Pacific Tarpon. Megalops cyprinoides. Category: aquatic creatures.

nap̃ep̃es   n. foam in the mouth of someone, for example, when they are having a fit. Category: body part or product.

naper   n. side.

nap̃es   Variant: nakpes. tree sp.

n. tree sp., young leaves eaten together with ntali fruit. Also use the wood to make fish traps by planting sticks vertically in the water to create a fence. You can use the leaves to cure a headache, by burning them and then putting the ashes on your head. Category: plants.

nap̃et   n. meaning.

napiau   n. swell, surge in the sea.

napien   n inposs. vagina.

napil   n. lightning. Category: natural features.

napirkitin   Variant: napirkit. n inposs. stalk of coconut. Part of one type of coconut tree that holds the coconuts. Can be used as a rake. Category: plants.

nap̃kal   n. hibiscus sp. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Category: plants.

nap̃kasin   Variant: nap̃kas. meat.

n inposs. meat. Category: body part or product, body part or product.

napkor   n. bush nut, longer than nafil. There is also a red one (napkor miel). Barringtonia procera. Category: plants.

napkun   n. knot (in wood). Category: plants.

nap̃lae pako   n. sea cucumber which is long and has an anemone-like end. Synapta maculata. See: litot. Category: aquatic creatures.

nap̃lai   n. belt, made of hibiscus bark or similar material, traditionally worn by both men and women, but women hung a skirt (nasieg) as a pubic covering from the nap̃lai. Category: human artefact. See: nasieg; pisp̃lolo; nanrepnrep.

nap̃laki   n. feast held after placing namele leaves to show that a dispute has been resolved.

nap̃laso   n. tree, Puzzle-nut. Xylocarpus granatum. Category: plants.

nap̃laun   Variant: nap̃lau. inside.

n inposs. inside something, e.g. undergound, underwater.

nap̃lau nkas   heartwood of tree.

nap̃lel   n. tree, Hibiscus. Hibiscus tilaceus. Category: plants.

nap̃len   n inposs. belly. Category: body part or product.

naplip   n. fig variety. Bud and fruit is good to eat. Green leaf tips eaten, fruit used to be eaten but not anymore except as pigfood. Wood used for digging sticks. Ficus granatum. Category: plants.

nap̃oi1   n. tree, Blackbean. Note: Big seed pods. Castanospermum australe. Category: plants.

nap̃oi2   n. yam, a strong yam. Category: plants.

napor   n. basket, made from weaving coconut leaf for carrying crops. Category: human artefact. See: fuelig; nroog; likat; sp̃ol; tip̃el; polpol; nlafkir; napor; sarpotpot.

napos   n. pudding made of roast breadfruit, pounded with coconut milk. See: woi. Category: plants.

nap̃rai   n. cane.

1 • wildcane, two varieties: freshwater and saltwater. See: naus; makol.

2 • sugarcane, variety called kram p̃og has stripes of purplish colour. See: trares; tukmel; makol; nafakton. Category: plants.

nap̃rairei   n. tree sp. Grows in the sea like a mangrove. Category: plants.

nap̃rairei   n. cane variety where wild ducks make their nests. Category: plants.

nap̃raksan   Variant: nap̃raksa. gill.

n inposs. gill of fish. Category: body part or product.

nap̃rat   n. Hibiscus, tree species, kind of Hibiscus. Category: plants.

naprat   n. 1 • cob of corn after the kernels have been eaten.

2 • stick of hibscus left over after the bark has been used to make rope. Category: plants.

nap̃re   n. dream.

napri   n. tree sp. Large tree, good timber. Category: plants.

napsin   Variant: napis. n inposs. bottom, rear end of person, anus. See: nselpot. Category: body part or product.

naptam   n. breadfruit. Burn the dry leaves to keep mosquitoes away. Atocarpus altilis. Category: plants.

napton   Variant: napot. navel.

n inposs. navel. Category: body part or product.

napu toran   n. fork in the road.

napu   n. road. Category: human artefact.

napuen   Variant: napu. n inposs. tail (of an animal). See: nam̃el. Category: body part or product.

napuk   n. tree species, Whitewood, used for making the hull of canoes. Gyrocarpus americanus. Category: plants.

napukmokul   n. tree sp. sticky seeds used as bird traps. The mlau (Incubator bird) lays its eggs in the rotten debris under napukmokul. Pisonia umbellifera. See: pul. Category: plants.

napukror   n. tree sp. Endospermum medullosum. Category: plants.

napum̃ m̃nam̃on   n. fish sp. Category: aquatic creatures.

napum̃ ni fat   n. fish sp. Fusiliers. Caesionidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

napum̃   n. fish sp. Scombridae spp.. See: mar. Category: aquatic creatures.

napum̃alom   n. tree. Fruit not eaten by people. Bark once used to make barkcloth. Mimusops elengi. Category: plants.

nap̃umas   n. property, estate left behind by someone who has died, but not including their house or their land.

napun   Variant: nap. cheek.

n inposs. cheek. Category: body part or product.

napupus   n. plant sp. round leaf. Category: plants.

nap̃ures   n. fish sp. Milkfish. Chanos chanos. Category: aquatic creatures.

napus   n. wart. Category: body part or product.

nap̃utwen   Variant: nap̃utw. n inposs. knee. Category: body part or product.

nar   n. tree, Sheoak. Casuarina equisetifolia. Category: plants.

nareo   n. tree sp. Homolanthus nutans. Category: plants.

narfaat   n. rocks heaped up by people.

1 • rocks heaped up by people. See: p̃arfaat.

2 • bridge. Category: human artefact.

nariuriu   n. seagrass. Category: aquatic creatures.

nariwak   n. tree sp. Has good glue that you find when you break off the fruit. Category: plants.

narka   n. tree sp., strong wood, firewood, also used to make a kal or digging stick from. Category: plants.

narkamet   n. tree sp. Bark used to be used to make barkcloth. Category: plants.

narmal   n. clearing, a cleared piece of ground.

naro   n. brideprice, paid by a man to the family of his prospective wife in order to marry her.

naroi   n. plot, allotment of land. See: nmakot.

narom   n. beam holding a cross-member, nsol, that holds the roof of a house. See: surnaot; npou; nkas; peltakot; nsol. Category: human artefact.

naromet   Variant: naromet. n inposs. tears. Category: body part or product.

narun   n inposs. hand, arm. Category: body part or product.

narup̃   n. chief's wives, a group of women of whom one is the head (np̃au narup̃) who will bear the chief's successor.

naruut   n. fern, use the root to prepare a cure for dyssentry. Category: plants.

narwaro   n. tree sp. A big tree used for firewood, and for paddles. Category: plants.

nas1   n. bow. Kalsrap's bow was made of mangrove (natog) with a string made of banyan (mpak). The top of the bow is called its head (np̃au) and the bottom is called nakoinrok. The bow and arrow should always be carried with the head up, ready to use. Category: human artefact. See: pu.

nas2   n. day before yesterday. Category: temporal.

nasap̃   n. foreigner, stranger to this country.

naselslam   n. tree, seeds of fruit are roasted and eaten. Sterculia tannensis. Category: plants.

naserin   Variant: naser. root, tap root, sucker.

n inposs. 1 • root, tap root, sucker. Category: plants.

2 • bud. Category: plants.

nasieg   n. skirt, piece of bark material traditionally used by women to hang off a belt (nap̃lai) as a pubic covering. Men traditionally wore a nafon. Category: human artefact. See: nafon; pisp̃lolo; nanrepnrep; nap̃lai.

nasiin   n. bushfire. Category: natural features.

nasin1   Variant: nas. n inposs. jaw, chin. Category: body part or product.

nasin2   n inposs. 1 • shit.

2 • smell, unpleasant smell. See: ntaen.

nasinren   Variant: nasinr. n inposs. shit, runny shit. See: ntae.

nasir   n. descendants, your children and theirs and their children's children. Category: human relations.

nasitafra   n. rock, like pumice (lit: whale shit). See: faatsal; naf.

nasnaki   n. fibre dye, dye for pandanus leaves.

nasokon   n inposs. skin, of animal or plant, e.g. nasok nawi, skin of a yam. See: naklun. Category: body part or product.

nasoknkas   n. bark. Category: plants.

nasoksok   n. rubbish, mess.

nason1   n. fish sp. Silver pompano. Trachinotus blochii. Category: aquatic creatures.

nason2   n. sores around the mouth. Category: body part or product.

nasralesokwen   n. faith. See: sralesok.

nasu   n. roof, and roofbeam of house. See: npou; surnaot. Category: human artefact.

nasukefik   n. tree. The fruit is white, pink and red. Syzygium richii. Category: plants.

nasul   n. wildcane.

1 • wildcane or speargrass used to build things, also used as a torch. When processed for making arrows it is called ftok. Category: plants.

2 • light, lamp. Category: human artefact, plants.

nasulop   n. grass, speargrass. Category: plants.

nasum̃tap   n. church.

nasun   n inposs. juice. Category: plants.

nasusu   n. froth on the sea that indicates a turn of the tide. Category: natural features.

naswaf   n. tree sp. Poisonwood. Kids use it to make slingshots because the branches grow in the right shape. Sweet smelling white flowers. Category: plants.

natam̃ol lot   n. Christian. Category: other supernatural.

natam̃ol psir   n. liar.

natam̃ol   n. person. Category: human relations.

natap   n. idol, image, tamtam. See: natopu. Category: other supernatural.

natatok   n. citizen, native. Category: human relations.

nateen   n. flat country. Category: natural features.

natfer   n. plant sp., small grass like pampas-grass. Category: plants.

natiel   n. vine, St.Thomas bean, tapu plant with large disk-shaped seeds which are made into necklaces. Vine milk causes burning on skin. Entada phaseoloides. Category: plants.

natien   Variant: nati. n inposs. 1 • saliva. Category: body part or product.

2 • sap of a tree. Category: plants.

natik elau   n. coast. Category: natural features.

natik   n. pole used to push a boat.

natikin   Variant: natik. edge. Variant: natk.

n inposs. edge, side. Category: natural features. See: etik.

natir   n. mast of sailing canoe. Category: human artefact.

natlag   n. tree sp. Good timber.

natmat   n. corpse. See: teemat. Category: human relations.

nato   n. invitation to bring food or something else to an event.

natog   n. mangrove (generic). natog pram grows tall; natog m̃it has shorter leaves; natog ni euut grows on the shore away from the water. Category: plants.

natok   n. yam sp. White, bottle-shaped yam. One of the naflak. Category: plants.

natokon   Variant: natkon. village.

n. village. Category: human artefact.

naton   n. sap. Category: plants.

naton   n. ashes.

1 • ashes. Category: natural features.

2 • cement.

natoop̃   n. yam species (also the name of a clan or naflak). Category: plants.

natopu   n. spirit, a permanent animist presence at a place. This spirit may be an ancestor or a creature from 'before'. Usually called by the respectful terms maarik (for a male natopu) or mtulep (for a female natopu). Some names of such spirits include P̃umakot, Apu ni ntaf, Liportani, Katapeel. Category: other supernatural.

nator   n. heartwood. Category: plants.

natot   n. tree sp., use the milk from the leaves if your skin is scraped by a stingray or stonefish, for example. Category: plants.

natp̃aupis   n. tree sp. Sweet leaf, used for medicine, good for the blood. Category: plants.

natp̃olnra   n. plant sp. shrub with lower leaves that are green, higher leaves are red. The leaf is fed to sows to help them get pregnant. Category: plants.

natran   n. twin. Category: human relations.

natrauswen   n. story, conversation.

natret   n. tree sp, grows on the shoreline, good firewood and used for making hitting clubs and handles of tools. Bark once used to make barkcloth. Category: plants, plants.

natu1   n. tree sp., small, wood for handles of axes, small leaves, Category: plants.

natu2   n. poisonous vine for poisoning fish. Crush the stem and throw it in a pool to stun (pun) the fish. The vine can also be used for tying things. Category: plants.

natuen   n inposs. foot. Category: body part or product.

natumau   n. constellation.

1 • yam, strong yam. Category: plants.

2 • constellation of stars. Category: natural features.

natunrun   Variant: natunr. nape of neck (his).

n inposs. nape of neck (his). Category: body part or product.

naturiai   n. lad, unmarried man. See: nmatuerik. Category: human relations.

naturmos   n. raindrop, e.g. leak in the roof. Category: natural features.

natus   n. book, text, paper. See: natus. Category: human artefact, human artefact.

tustap   n. bible. Category: human artefact.

natut   n. appointment (literally a time to tut 'tie' together).

natutu   n. choppy sea that is still able to be navigated by a canoe and so is not too rough.

nau1   n. inside of the mouth. Category: body part or product.

nau2   n. 1 • pan flute. Category: human artefact.

2 • mouth organ. Category: human artefact.

naul nmariu   n. crescent moon. Literally 'leaf of nmariu', a crescent shaped leaf. Category: natural features.

naul1   n. credit, account, money borrowed to pay for goods.

naul2   n. leaf. Category: plants, plants.

naulalas   n. small bush. Used to eat mixed with animal blood, pig's guts. Polipcias spp. Category: plants.

naultap̃erkot   n. plant with yellow leaves that people use to make fences and boundaries in yards. Category: plants.

naulum ni afsak   n. seaweed with big leaves (lit: 'turtle's pillow'). Category: aquatic creatures.

naulum   n. pillow. Category: human artefact.

naum   n. fish sp. Humpnose unicornfish. Naso tuberosus. See: us; raeru. Category: aquatic creatures.

naum̃   n. river. See: naiser. Category: natural features.

naun   n. husk of a coconut when it is preapred to be used as a strainer for coconut milk. Category: plants. See: kak naniu.

naup̃en   n inposs. feeling of missing someone, feel weak due to the absence of a friend.

naup̃o   n. pus. Category: body part or product.

naur   n. island. Category: natural features.

nauren   Variant: naur. n inposs. top of tree or plant. Category: plants.

naures   n. grater made by cleaning some coconut shell and wrapping it with wild cane. Category: human artefact.

naus   n. wild cane. See: ftok. Category: plants.

naustap   n. spear tip that has magic properties. Made from wildcane that has been sung over to make it work. Also made from the bones of special people (chiefs or those of naflak nmal). Even the slightest scratch from these bones will kill.

nautin   Variant: naut. penis.

n inposs. penis. Category: body part or product.

naut puluk   n. bullock's penis used as a cudgel.

nawel   n. creeper with large leaves, used to feed pigs. The vine is strong and can be used to tie wood for housing. Category: plants.

nawen   n. sand. Category: natural features.

nawes   n. paddle. Category: human artefact.

nawesien   n. work. See: wes.

naweskin kaaru   west. Category: natural features.

naweskin kafat   south. Category: natural features.

naweskin katol   north. Category: natural features.

naweskin pei   east. Category: natural features.

nawi   n. yam sp., also general term for all yams. Nawi kosu is a strong kind of yam. A bundle of yams is called a tafra (whale), and when whales swim around close to shore you know yams are ready. You make a bundle of yams (tafra nawi) to take to a feast. Category: plants. See: ntaul.

nawip̃o   n. yam sp. Category: plants.

nawol   n. bed, also grave, 'place to lie in'. See: wenr. Category: human artefact.

naworan   n. generation, ancestry.

nawos   n. coconut, green, young (soft inside). Fourth stage at which you can eat a coconut. See: p̃agrap. Category: plants.

nayam   n. yam, spiky wild yam sp. Category: plants.

ne   dem. this (close). See: nen.

neet   vintr. come and meet. See: seltra; saisei; patlas.

neetnpasil   v. join, as in, to join a group of people. See: npasil.

nega   pron. 1 • he, she, it (3rd person singular).

2 • his, her, its, (3rd person singular possessive).

3 • his, her, its, (3rd person singular benefactive.

negaag   pron. 1 • yours (2nd person singular possessive).

2 • for your benefit (2nd person singular benefactive).

negakit   pron. 1 • ours, belonging to you and us (1st person plural inclusive possessive).

2 • for us, for our benefit (1st person plural inclusive benefactive).

negamus   Variant: gamus. pron. 1 • yours (2nd person plural possessive).

2 • for you (2nd person plural benefactive).

negar   pron. 1 • them (3rd person plural).

2 • their (3rd person plural possesive).

3 • for them (3rd person plural benefactive).

nel   n. tree sp. Category: plants.

nem̃ap̃m̃ap̃   n. Looking-glass tree, has fruit with a ridge along the top, commonly found washed up on beaches. Heritiera littoralis. Category: plants.

nen   dem. that. See: ne.

nenpa   prep. past, as in ntau nenpa, last year; wik nentu, last week.

nentu   prep. next, as in ntau nentu, next year; wik nentu, next week.

nep   vambi. throw to, to stone. See: npakinatut; sif.

nepsok   vambi. weigh down, place a weight on something to stop the wind blowing it away.

neslu   n. shellfish sp. Moon shells (general term). Naticidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

neu   pron. 1 • I, me.

2 • my (1st person singular possessive).

3 • for my benefit.

nfa1   n. plant, leaf used for wrapping laplap (kapu). Types include nfamiel, nfapram, nfaliu, nfamil. See: nrau leaf laplap.

nfa2   n. tree with wood that burns very well, used to carve idols (natap). Category: plants.

nfaato   n. tree with fruit. Two types, one round, one long. The wood is used to make canoe paddles (nawes). The bark can be used for diabetes. Neisosperma oppositifolia. Category: plants.

nfag   n. sore, like a boil or similar sore on the skin. See: fag1. Category: body part or product.

nfak   n. pandanus, tall one with long leaves and big fruit. The fruit can be eaten without preparation. Pandanus dubius ?. See: naki; nparom. Category: plants.

nfaketanwen   n. respect.

nfal   n. hole.

nfamwen   n. taste. See: pam.

nfan   n. tree, fragrant flowers. Guettarda speciosa. Category: plants.

nfanu   n. country. Category: natural features.

nfar   n. navara, coconut, nutty inside of sprouted coconut. Eighth stage at which you can eat a coconut. See: nm̃arteu. Category: plants.

nfas namet   Variant: nfas namet. n inposs. eyebrow.

nfaswen   Variant: nafasw. n inposs. parts, e.g. all parts of the body, parts of a car. Category: body part or product.

nfat   n. ridge-cap, of roof, last thatch placed on roof. Category: human artefact.

nferen   Variant: nfer. n inposs. handle (e.g. of spear, paddle), its. See: nkar. Category: human artefact.

ngas   interrog. when. See: sefmal.

ni   Variant: nig. of.

prep. of.

nier   n. broom. For example, made from the tap̃ir, or nikniser trees. Category: human artefact.

nies   n. bailer, canoe bailer. Category: human artefact.

nigmam   pron. 1 • ours (1st person plural possessive) (inclusive and exclusive).

2 • for us (1st person plural benefactive) (inclusive and exclusive). See: mam.

nigneu   pron. 1 • my, mine (1st person singular possessive).

2 • for me (1st person singular benefactive). See: neu.

niif   n. fan usually made of coconut leaf.

niif   vambi. fan, to fan.

nikniser   n. coconut spathe, spine of a coconut leaf, commonly used to make brooms (nier). Category: plants.

nimar   n. tree sp. Layard (1915) says the leaves were eaten before drinking salt water to make the salt water taste sweet.

nipu   n. palmtree, heart of palm is eaten. Veitchia spp. Category: plants.

nkafik   n. tree. The fruit is white, pink and red. Nkafik mil is wild nakavika, smaller than nkafik. Also known as nasukefik. Syzygium malaccense. Category: plants.

nkafikmil   n. tree sp. Smaller than nkafik. Also known as nasukefik. Syzygium clusiaefolium. Category: plants.

nkal   n. cloth, clothes. See: kal. Category: human artefact.

nkalwel   vintr. change clothes, to dress as someone else (nkalwel nanwei.

nkanr   Variant: nakanr. mouth. Variant: nkanron; gkanr; kanr.

n inposs. mouth, lips. Category: body part or product.

nkap   n. fire, firewood.

nkaren   Variant: nkar. n inposs. handle of basket. See: nfer.

nkari   n. bush, red top leaves, Cordylene. Cordylene sp.. Category: plants.

nkas mel   n. tree sp. 'shade tree'. Category: plants.

nkas ni nap̃e   n. drum beater. Category: human artefact.

nkas slasol   n. posts holding up a house. Category: human artefact.

nkas   n. tree (generic), wood. Category: plants.

nkasakien   n. seat, chair. Category: human artefact.

nkasap̃on   n inposs. throat. Category: body part or product.

nkasgot   n. tree, Blackbean. Note: ebony heartwood. Diospyros sp.. Category: plants.

nkasm̃ulm̃ul   n. tree sp. Grows in the sea like a mangrove, used as firewood. Category: plants.

nkasnial   n. tree sp. Wood used for paddles, and the sap is used as glue. Category: plants.

nkaso   n. necklace, made of beads, seeds or stones. Category: human artefact.

nkaspau   n. stake used for plants to grow up on.

nkaspaulep   n. tree sp. Used for firewood. Category: plants.

nkaspeltakot   n. beam, crossbeam on the short end of a house. See: surnaot; npou; raus. Category: human artefact.

nkasp̃o   n. tree sp. Big fruit, wood used as firewood. Dysoxylum gaudichaudianum. Category: plants.

nkasp̃on   Variant: nkasap̃o. throat.

n inposs. throat. Category: body part or product.

nkau   n. croton. Red low bush, cough medicine.

nkaukofua   n. tree sp. Sterculia banksiana. Category: plants.

nkem   n. 1 • plant, like cane, used for making baskets, trays. Category: plants.

2 • tongs, made by bending a piece of wood, used for picking up cooking stones. Made from the cane of the same name. Category: human artefact.

3 • constellation shaped like tongs, with Orion's belt the lower right side of the tongs. Category: natural features.

nkis   excl. man! Term used to call out to someone.

nkok   n. tree sp. Java Cedar. Bischofia javanica. Category: plants.

nkraful   n. vine, nettle, which you brush and only notice has pricked you when you rub your skin or wash it. Dendrocnide spp.. See: nkar. Category: plants.

nkur   n. 1 • rake, small tree pulled up with roots which are used as a rake to level an oven before laplap is put in. Category: human artefact.

2 • constellation of stars in the shape of the rake of the same name. Category: natural features, human artefact.

nlae   n. shellfish sp. Bicolor Pen Shell. Pinna bicolor. Category: aquatic creatures.

nlaen   n inposs. 1 • fin of a fish. Category: aquatic creatures.

2 • sail, sail-like objects, fin on an Angelfish, type of seashell. Category: human artefact.

nlafkir   n. basket, made from coconut leaf, a big version of likat. See: likat; napor. Category: human artefact, plants. See: fuelig; nroog; likat; sp̃ol; tip̃el; polpol; tasal; napor; sarpotpot.

nlag   n. wind, air. Category: natural features.

nlag kerkrai   n. gale.

nlagwat   n. cyclone, storm. Category: natural features.

nlaken1   n inposs. trunk, stem, its. Category: plants.

nlaken2   conj. because, the reason.

nlaketik   n. vine which grows around but you can't find its trunk. If you do find it it is bad luck. Has green fruit. Head bands were made from it. Category: plants, plants.

nlaknait   n. ankle. Category: body part or product.

nlakotao   n. vine which grows by the sea. Category: plants.

nlakwen   n. wedding. See: lak.

nlap̃en   Variant: nlap̃. n inposs. tentacle, octopus arm. Category: body part or product.

nlas   n. tree sp. Largely avoided as a timber source due to its poisonous sap. It has spines that fly in the wind and cause itching if you pass near it. Semecarpus vitiensis. Category: plants.

nlason   Variant: nlas. genitals.

n inposs. genitals.

nlas ni nmatu   n. vagina. Category: body part or product.

nlasopuk natuen   Variant: nlasopuk natu. n inposs. calf of leg. Category: body part or product.

nlatlat   n. foam. Category: natural features. See: latlat.

nlaun   n. country.

nlauwen   n. dance.

nlel   n. mud. Category: natural features.

nlik   n. snare, cord tied to a pig's foot.

nma   n. black palm, used to tip arrows and make them poisonous. Category: plants.

nmaat   n. low tide.

nmaat ni p̃ulp̃og   n. low tide in the morning.

nmaat ni kotfan   n. low tide in the afternoon. See: maat mu.

nmae   n. string, twine.

nmaeto   n. anger.

nmaf   n. fog. Category: natural features.

nmak1   n. Tahitian chestnut, can be cooked on the fire, or boiled in water. Note: nut tree. Indocarpus fagiferus, Indocarpus edulis. Category: plants.

nmak2   n. boil, a hot boil that has no head unless you put a special leaf on it to draw the head. See: nmanuk; fati; p̃onfer. Category: body part or product.

nmak3   n. hammock, enclosed swing used to rock babies. Category: human artefact.

nmakoren   red dirt, of the ground as in ntan nmakoren. Category: natural features.

nmakot   n. border, boundary. See: nakoi.

nmakou   n. shrimps, clawed small crustaceans, , perhaps smaller than naur. Category: aquatic creatures.

nm̃al   n. 1 • yam which grows with one leaf and has strong thorny roots. Sweet yam like a potato.

2 • one of the naflak, members of which are tabu and must be buried in a hidden place so that their bones cannot be found by accident. These bones are used as weapons as they have special powers for injuring the victim. See: naustap. Category: plants.

nmal   n. tree, Hog plum, fruit is eaten, leaf can be used against ciguetera poisoning (mam). place the leaf in the fish before cooking it. Spondias dulcis, S. cythera, S. edulis. Category: plants.

nmalfa   n. space, sky. Category: natural features.

nmalko   n. cloud.

1 • cloud.

2 • dark, darkness. Category: natural features.

3 • time before Christianity.

nmalm̃il   n. tree sp. Namalaus wood used for houses, small fruit eaten by birds (wild naos). Garuga floribunda. Category: plants.

nm̃alm̃ol   n. vine sp. A thick vine that has water that can be drunk. Category: plants.

nmalnarun   Variant: nmalnar. forearm.

n inposs. forearm. Category: body part or product.

nmalnatuen   Variant: nmalnatu. n inposs. calf of leg. Category: body part or product.

nmalnawen   n. beach. Category: natural features.

nmalok   n. kava. Piper methysticum. Category: plants.

nmalon   Variant: nmal. middle.

n inposs. 1 • middle.

2 • waist, middle of the body. Category: body part or product.

nmanuk   n. boil. See: nmak; fati; nmak; fati; p̃onfer. Category: body part or product.

nmaon   Variant: nmao. thigh.

n inposs. crotch, thigh. Category: body part or product.

nmaono   n. sweat. See: maon.

nmaota   prep v. between.

1 • prep v. between.

2 • n. gap in teeth.

nmap̃   n. tree sp. the fruit is a nut used in making laplap, and roasted and eaten, for example, when drinking kava. Category: plants.

nmar1   n. tree, red bean tree. Adenanthera pavonina. Category: plants. Category: plants.

nmar2   v. lucky.

nmarit   n. rope, vine. Category: human artefact, plants. See: nmarten.

nmaritmat   n. vine sp. Not useful, the sap can burn your eyes. Category: plants.

nmariu   n. tree, Wattle tree. The smell of the leaves keeps flies away. Bark once used to make barkcloth. Acacia spirorbis. Layard (1915) says it is used for diarrhoea. "The bark is skinned and an infusion made and drunk. Coconut root prepared in a similar way is more frequent remedy for this sickness." Kalsarap says it is still used today. Category: plants.

nmariwenr   n. tree sp. Acacia simplex. Category: plants.

nmaron   n inposs. breath. See: mar.

nmarten   n inposs. guts, intestines. Category: body part or product. See: nmarit.

nm̃arteu   n. dry coconut. Seventh stage at which you can eat a coconut. See: numamkop. Category: plants.

nmaslen   Variant: nmasil. n inposs. piece of something, piece of wood (nmasil nkap).

nmaslesil   n. tree sp. wood used for spears. Category: plants.

nmaten   n. funeral. See: mat.

nmatu lak   n. bride. Category: human relations.

nmatu ni napu   n. loose woman, prostitute.

nmatu   Variant: namatu. female.

n. woman, female, wife. You can also refer to a spouse as nanre nafenrin (e.g., fv|{Nanre nafenrin go ipa}, Your wife or husband is there). Category: human relations.

nmatuerik   n. young woman, virgin. See: naturiai.

nm̃aun   Variant: nm̃au. feather.

n inposs. feather. Category: body part or product.

nmer   n. shellfish sp. Strawberry Conch. Strombus luhuanus. Category: aquatic creatures.

nmot   n. bundle of things.

nmraksul   n. centipede. Category: insects, grubs etc..

nognog   n. dumb.

nom   vintr. finish.

nomser   adj quantifier. every, all.

nop   n. puddle of water.

npakinatut   v. make an appointment. See: nep.

np̃alo   n. cliff. Category: natural features.

npanep   n. group of fallen objects lying down everywhere.

np̃arfaat   n. rock, boulder, in the sea. Category: natural features. See: faat.

nparom   n. pandanus, sp. that lives near the sea. Used as thatch and to make grass skirts. Varieties: nparom wal, mil, ksakes, tar. The fruit is eaten by flying-foxes but not by people. See: naki; nfak. Category: plants.

npasil   vintr. knock away, as in a ball knocking another away in petanque.

np̃at   n. stick, hitting stick, club. Category: human artefact.

npatin   Variant: npat; mpat. n inposs. tooth.

1 • tooth. See: wos back tooth.

2 • horn (of cow).

3 • heart of pimple or boil. Category: body part or product.

4 • seed. Category: plants.

5 • claw.

npatwak   n. tusk (pig's tooth). Category: body part or product.

npatnkafik   n. adam's apple. Category: body part or product.

npatsfir   n. clitoris. Category: body part or product.

npatsoru   adj. bad teeth.

np̃au   n inposs. head. Category: body part or product.

np̃eten   Variant: np̃et. n inposs. meaning.

np̃ip̃   n. throwing wood, any small useful piece of wood, for example for throwing at fruit or flyingfoxes or other such uses. See: p̃i. Category: human artefact, plants.

npou   n. pole, main pole of a house. Vertical pole that holds up the crossbeam (surnaot) at ceiling level, and the top roof beam (nasu). The beams (narom) that rest on the npou hold the crossmembers (nsol) to which the roof is attached. See: surnaot; npou; nkas; peltakot. Category: human artefact.

nra nkas   n. branch.

1 • branch. Category: plants.

2 • stick. Category: plants.

nra1   n. tree, False Nutmeg. Myristica fatua. Category: plants.

nra2   quantifier. See main entry: nru. two.

nraen   Variant: nrae. n inposs. 1 • face.

2 • forehead. Category: body part or product.

nraenatuen   Variant: nraenatu. n inposs. shin, front of lower leg, tibia. Category: body part or product.

nraf2   vintr. bush bash, go through the bush where there is no track.

nrafi   vintr. blow one's nose.

nrafien   n inposs. phlegm, snot. Category: body part or product.

nrafkor   vintr. ring, like a halo.

nrag   vambi. heat up.

nraglaion   n. shellfish sp. Cock's-comb Oyster. Lopha cristagalli. Category: aquatic creatures.

nragnrag   n. twigs. Category: plants.

nragon   n inposs. claw. Category: body part or product.

nraguti   n. plant, like a small treefern, not eaten by Erakor people. Category: plants.

nrak1   vambi. take hot rocks out of the fire using tongs (gkem).

nrak2   n. time, occasion, as in 'that time'.

nrakat   vambi. lift up something heavy from underneath.

nrakut   vambi. grab, for example an eagle grabbing its prey.

nrali   n. plate. Category: human artefact.

nran   n inposs. blood. Category: body part or product.

nraopet   n. tree sp. Big shady tree,with red fruit which is round and bigger than a nakatambol (nrau). Good timber. Category: plants.

nrap   n. oily liquid in a germinated coconut. Category: plants.

nrar   n. tree sp. African tulip, tree used to build the outrigger (nsem) of a canoe. Erythrina variegata. Category: plants.

nras   vambi. select, as in choosing the best among a group of things.

nrat1   vambi. forgive (also nrat tap̃ar).

nrat2   vambi. untie.

nrau1   n. tree, Dragon plum. Yellow fruit, but the nraupet has red fruit. Dracontomelon vitiense. Category: plants.

nrau1   n. leaf, used to wrap laplap for cooking underground in a stone oven. Old name was nfa, varieties include nfa miel; nfa pram, nfa ni Epi, nfa liu, nfa mil, nrauspun, nrauksakes. Heliconia indica. Category: plants. p̃rai nrau, 'break the nrau leaf' :{suer nrau} 'shit on the nrau leaf', both mean 'to marry too close within the family'. Category: plants.

nraun   Variant: nrau. n inposs. pubic hair. Category: body part or product.

nre   vambi. turn. See: tare.

nreapis   vintr. somersault.

nremet   vintr. look from the side.

nrep   Variant: nrepagi. slap.

v. slap.

nrepnrpag   vambi. pat, console, as when you put a child to sleep and pat them. See: nrpag.

nrernrer   vintr. shine, like the sun or an angel.

nres   vintr. sound; noise. See: tik.

nrfaal   adj quantifier. few. See: warik.

nri   vambi. dig out the roots of a tree.

nrig   vintr. groan, growl.

nrik   vditr. tell.

nriksoksok   vintr. command.

nrilkau   vambi. jump over.

nrimen   n. Anemone that lives on rock. See: mpaklep. Category: aquatic creatures.

nripug   v. dig the holes for planting, after having cleared the garden.

nrir   vintr. fly, to fly, like a bird.

nrog    vambi. feel; smell; hear; also used in compound forms like pamnrog 'taste', minrog 'taste by drinking'.

nrog nap̃o smell the odour of something


nrogpir   vambi. disobey.

nrogtae   v. recognise by hearing something.

nrogteesa   vintr. sad, be sad, feel bad, be disappointed, be sorry.

nrogtiawi   vintr. well, healthy, feel good.

nrogtor   vambi. speed, be quick.

nroi   vambi. strain, as in coconut milk strained through coconut mesh (kak), or material.

nrokof   v. care for, look after someone by staying with them.

nrokos   vambi. follow. See: taos.

nrom   vambi. love. See: nanromien.

nron   n. 1 • sense, thinking.

2 • vision, a premonition, seeing something that hasn't yet happened.

nroog   n. basket for food, made of pandanus leaf with hibiscus handles. Category: human artefact. See: fuelig; likat; tip̃el; sp̃ol; tasal; polpol; nlafkir; napor; sarpotpot.

nrook   vintr. bend (of a person bending), bow.

nrookot   vintr. cross.

nrop   vintr. drunk.

nros   vambi. drag.

nrotik   adj. silly, stupid. See: p̃autik.

nrpag   vambi. slap. See: nrepnrpag.

nrpasok   vambi. nail.

nrp̃ei   vambi. bark, scold.

nru1   num. two. Category: numeral.

nru2   vintr. tree losing its leaves when the flower is about to set.

nrup̃   vambi. dive; dive for sthg.

nrur   vintr. shake. See: nanrur.

nrus   vintr aux. move.

1 • move a little.

2 • become, change into.

3 • be a little bit like something, to have some of the characteristics of something.

nsaan   n. curse.

nsag   n. forked piece of wood, used in building. Category: plants.

nsan   n. valley, gorge, cliff. Category: natural features.

nsankas   n. splinter, small piece of wood.

nsat   n. rotten, of a yam only. Category: plants.

nsau   n. sky. Category: natural features.

nsel nai   n. surface of a river.

nsel   n. spring, source of water.

nselpot   n. anus. Category: body part or product.

nsem   n. outrigger of canoe. Category: human artefact.

nsem̃   n. chip of wood, as from cutting a canoe, also used of waste from another product, like the sugarcane spat out after it has been chewed. Category: plants. See: esem̃.

nsem̃mantu   n. roll of e.g. banana or manioc in island cabbage (called simboro in Bislama) cooked in the oven. See: manmon.

nser1   n. comb. Category: human artefact.

nser2   n. tree sp. Used to maked the cross-members of a canoe (nakiat) and for firewood. Category: plants.

nsfen   n. something like that.

nsik   n. pole for knocking a coconut off a tree. Category: human artefact.

nsilfer   Variant: nsilfer. n inposs. blade. Category: human artefact.

nskau   n. reef. Category: natural features.

nslawos   n. channel in the reef, small enough to step over. Category: natural features.

nsol   n. cross-member, beam to which the roof of a house is attached. It is attached on top of narom. See: surnaot; npou; nkas; peltakot; narom.

nsul   n. fish sp. Emperors. Lethrinidae. See: nametfaai. Category: aquatic creatures.

nsulnkanrpram   n. fish sp. Long-nosed emperor, Longface Emperor. Lethrinus olivaceus. Category: aquatic creatures.

nta1   interject. expression of agreement, also used to conclude a conversation.

nta2   n. tree, Taun tree. Note: small fruit (yellowish/ reddish green). Two kinds, a red one (nta miel) and a green one. Pometia pinnata. Category: plants.

ntae   n. paint.

1 • paint.

2 • plant sp., the name of a plant the flower of which is used to make face paint or mat dye.

ntaen   n inposs. excrement, shit. Category: body part or product. See: nasin.

ntaenlag   n. cloud. Category: natural features.

ntaewen   n. knowledge. See: tae.

ntaf   n. mountain, hill. Category: natural features.

ntafatun    See: ntap̃rain. Variant: ntafat.

n inposs. midrif, hip, above the waist, and around to the small of the back. Category: body part or product.

ntafwen   n. diarrhoea.

ntag   n. generation.

ntai   n. fish sp. Soldierfish. Holocentridae. Category: aquatic creatures.

ntaknanuen   n inposs. back of the neck. Category: body part or product.

ntaknatuen   n inposs. heel. Category: body part or product.

ntakun   Variant: ntak. n inposs. back, also used to describe the back of something, e.g. ntak nanuen 'back of his neck'.

ntakun   n. behind, after, later. (lit: its back). Category: body part or product.

ntal   n. taro. Kinds of taro are : ntal m̃ol, a small plant with a red stalk; ntalifiti, large leaf fiji taro; nafia; nafimas, has marks on the stem and leaf; napliit, a blue nafi, ntal nafum̃kas, multi coloured leaf. Category: plants.

ntalfen   n. deep ocean.

1 • deep ocean.

2 • horizon.

ntalgen   n inposs. ear. Category: body part or product. See: ntaligp̃ar.

ntali   n. tree, Tropical almond. Good wood for canoes. Terminalia catappa. Category: plants, plants.

ntalifam   n. plant sp. Category: plants.

ntalig   n. fungus, mushroom (lit: 'ear') any kind. Category: plants.

ntaligkusu   n. plant sp. leaf is serrated, stamen is long with violet flowers. Category: plants.

ntaligp̃ar   n. deaf.

ntaligpram   n. devil, type of devil with long ears. Category: other supernatural.

ntalimil   n. tree sp. Terminalia sepicana. Category: plants.

ntalitas   n. tree, sweet fruit. Terminalia samoensis. Category: plants.

ntame   n. Reef crab, Red-eyed crab, 8 cm. Crabs which keep their claws close to their shells. Xanthidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

ntan   n. ground. See: nmakoren; nakof. Category: natural features.

ntankep1   n. liver. Category: body part or product.

ntankep2   n. firestick.

ntap̃aun   n. tree sp. Wood used for canoes. Category: plants.

ntap̃rain   Variant: ntap̃rai. hip.

n inposs. hip, also used for one's bottom (more polite than napis). See: ntafatun. Category: body part or product.

ntapukron   Variant: ntapukor. shell cover.

n inposs. shell cover, operculum. Closes the opening of the shellfish when the animal is retracted inside the shell. Category: aquatic creatures.

ntas   n. saltwater, salt. Category: natural features. See: elau namos.

ntasur   n. rough sea.

ntau1   n. year, ntau faum, or ntau nen tu, next year, ntau nen pa, last year, Category: temporal.

ntau2   n. fish sp. Insular halfbeak (top of its mouth is short, bottom is long). Hyporhamphus affinis. Category: aquatic creatures.

ntaul pram   n. yam sp. Category: plants.

ntaul   n. yam sp. (strong yam). Can stay in the ground a long time before being harvested. Category: plants. See: nawi.

ntawotin   Variant: ntawot. bone.

n inposs. bone, skeleton. Category: body part or product.

ntawotmal   adj. lazy.

nteu   n. green leaves for covering laplap. Category: plants. See: naflel.

ntm̃at   Variant: ntam̃at. peace.

n. peace (no war), calm.

ntuk   n. rope made of hibiscus; the inner bark of a green branch of hibiscus (Hibiscus tilaceus) that is stripped, soaked in salt water for over a week, then carded and made into string or rope. Category: human artefact.

ntur   n. fish bound together (ntur naik). See: tur.

ntwam   Variant: mutwam. devil.

n. devil. Category: other supernatural.

nua p̃ontau   n. banana sp. white when ripe. Category: plants.

nua   Variant: nuankas. fruit.

n. 1 • fruit. Category: plants.

2 • balls, testicles (slang). Category: body part or product.

nual   n. coconut, white coconut flesh, good for old people to eat. Category: plants.

nuampakur   n. coconut, smallest coconut like fruit of Napankura or Tamanu in Bislama (hence the name, fruit of npakur). Category: plants.

nuanagmos   n. shellfish sp. Venus Comb Murex. Murex pecten. Category: aquatic creatures.

nuantas   n. type of seaweed.

nuasa   n. fish sp. Short dragonfish, flatheads. Eurypegasus draconis, Platycepalidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

nuasog   n. smoke.

1 • smoke.

2 • cigarette. Category: human artefact.

nuen   n inposs. vein. Category: body part or product.

nugolmam   n. coconut. The skin of the top of a young one can be eaten. Category: plants.

nugot   n. coconut, black leaf and black coconuts. Category: plants.

nuk   v. have sex.

nukun   Variant: nuk. nest.

n inposs. nest, its. Category: birds.

nukniman   n. bird's nest. Category: human artefact.

numam   n. type of coconut, eat all of it, chew the outside husk, sweet all through. Your mouth goes brown. Category: plants.

numamkop   n. coconut, flesh starting to get dry. Sixth stage at which you can eat a coconut. See: numotu. Category: plants.

numlakes   n. coconut, blue. The coconut liquid can make you sick. Category: plants.

numotu   n. coconut with strong flesh, water is starting to get fizzy. Fifth stage at which you can eat a coconut. See: nawos. Category: plants.

numtapilkap   n. coconut, eye is red when you cut it. Category: plants.

nuo   n. fish sp. Parrotfishes. Nuo mlakes, Redlip parrotfish: Nuo tao, Bluebarred parrotfish: Nuo marteu, Bridled or Ember parrotfish. Scaridae. Category: aquatic creatures.

nuof   n. harbour, wharf. Category: natural features.

nuslan   n. banana sp.

nusoksok   n. coconut, small fruit and lots in one bunch. Category: plants.

nutag   n. coconut, coconut tree with no flower, but no napirkitin, easy to get down by stoning since the nuts are not held strongly. Category: plants.

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