A - a

a=   pron. I (1st person singular realis Subject).

aaf   n. fish sp. Anthiases (small Groupers, Perchlets, Basslets, Soapfishes). Serranidae.

aaf ni nariuriu   n. fish sp. Cigar wrasse. Cheilio inermis. Category: aquatic creatures.

aal   n. shellfish sp. kind of Turbo. Turbo chrysostomus, petholatus. Category: aquatic creatures.

aas   n. coconut crab. Birgus latro. Category: other animals.

afam   n. fish sp. Humphead wrasse; Napoleonfish. Cheilinus undulatus. See: patru. Category: aquatic creatures.

afoka   n. avocado (introduced fruit). Persea americana. Category: plants.

afsak   n. turtle (generic). Category: aquatic creatures.

ag   pron. you (2nd person singular Subject or Object).

akam   pron. you (2nd person plural Subject or Object).

akit   pron. we (1st person plural inclusive Subject or Object).

al   n. sun. Category: natural features. See: mtar pakor.

al imel   n. eclipse. Category: natural features.

al imtar   n. sunset, mal is an archaic form. Category: natural features.

alak   n. Honeyeater, incl. Silver-eared Honeyeater, Vanuatu Mountain Honeyeater (type ofbird). Lachmera incana. Category: birds.

aliat fnau   n. Wednesday (court day). Category: temporal.

aliat ftoumlap   Variant: aliat faitoumlap. Thursday. Variant: aliat fetoumlap.

n. Thursday (learning day). Category: temporal.

aliat kaaru   n. Tuesday. Category: temporal.

aliat pei   Variant: aliat monte. n. Monday. Category: temporal.

aliat p̃ot   n. Friday (day for dividing and sharing things out). Category: temporal.

aliat tap   n. Sunday. Category: temporal.

aliat toknak   n. Saturday, a day to stop and think. Category: temporal.

aliat   n. day.

aliat motu   n. midday. See: naliati. Category: natural features.

alkur   adj. dry, of leaves, any kind of dry leaves (naul alkur).

altuk   n. cabbage, island cabbage. Category: plants.

aluen   Variant: alu. uncle.

n inposs. uncle (mother's brother). See: awo. Category: human relations, kinterm.

anisakel   n. plant sp., bougainvillea. Category: plants.

anrar   n. fish sp. Cardinalfishes. Apogonidae. See: p̃op̃or. Category: aquatic creatures.

apap   n. father, father's brother (address term, used by those in naflak other than kram and namkanr). See: tmen; tata; gka. Category: human relations.

apu motu   n. great grandfather. See: ta. Category: human relations.

apu   n. grandfather, apu sees is the grandson named for his grandfather. Note: added to last syllable of some names e.g. apu + kalorip = apurip. Category: human relations.

ara   n. yam sp., red inside, sweet. Category: plants.

arkau   n. shellfish sp. trochus. Category: aquatic creatures.

arleg   adj. skilful.

arm̃afaf   n. Box crab. Calappidae. Category: aquatic creatures.

armatu   adj. right handed. See: maur; arworksu.

arum   vintr. nearly ripe.

arworksu   adj. ambidextrous, someone who can use both hands. See: maur; armatu.

as   n. day after tomorrow. Category: temporal. See: nas.

aslel   n. fish sp. Striped mackerel. Rastrelliger kanagurta. Category: aquatic creatures.

aslen   n inposs. friend, aslak nmatu 'girlfriend'. Category: human relations.

aslot   n. worm. Category: insects, grubs etc..

ataf   n. helper, chief's assistant. Category: human relations.

atat   n. albino. Category: human relations.

ati motu   n. great grandmother. Category: kinterm, human relations.

ati sees   n. granddaughter, named after her grandmother. See: ati.

ati   n. grandmother. Category: human relations, kinterm.

atlag faum   n. new month, next month. Also atlag nen tu. Category: natural features.

atlag kaaru   n. month after next month. Category: natural features.

atlag pei   n. first month, (e.g. last month, the month just past) same as atlag nen pa. Category: natural features.

atlag   Variant: ligal. moon.

n. moon, month. Two women in the moon, Leiriki (small one) and Leilepa (big one). Ligal is an old name for the moon. Category: natural features, temporal.

atlak   n. owner.

atol kanr   n. rice (lit: black ant egg). Oryza sativa. Category: plants.

atol   n. egg. Category: body part or product.

atua   n. God, also Leatu, Sup̃e. Category: other supernatural.

awe   excl. exclamation, used to show surprise.

awo   n. uncle, (address term). See: alue. Category: human relations.

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