Basic metadata describing PARADISEC's collection can be freely and easily searched through OLAC or the LINGUIST LIST gateway.

Access to the collection and catalogue records is available here:

Access to data in the PARADISEC repository is available to those who have clicked the access agreement (see the access form). A nominal fee may be charged for files delivered on CD/DVD. Completed forms should be posted or faxed to PARADISEC (Sydney).

PARADISEC has been funded by the Universities of Sydney, Melbourne, New England, ANU the Australian Research Council and Grangenet.

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PARADISEC is a cross-institutional collaborative project for digital archiving and access to Australian researchers’ field recordings of endangered languages and musics of the Asia-Pacific region. Digital resources are created in Sydney and Melbourne and mirrored online by the National Computational Infrastructure with the support of the ANU Internet Futures project.

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