Basic metadata describing PARADISEC's collection can be freely and easily searched through OLAC, ANDS or the LINGUIST LIST gateway.

Access to the collection and catalogue records is available here:

Access to data in the PARADISEC repository is available to those who have clicked the access agreement (see the access form). A nominal fee may be charged for files delivered on CD/DVD. Completed forms should be posted or faxed to PARADISEC (Sydney).

PARADISEC has been funded by the Universities of Sydney, Melbourne, New England, ANU the Australian Research Council and Grangenet.

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Press coverage of PARADISEC

ABC media story on PARADISEC titled: ‘Australian universities preserving Asia and Pacific cultural traditions’ October 2013.

Nick Thieberger interviewed by Islands Business magazine on the UNESCO listing of PARADISEC's collections. June 2013

Radio Australia interview with Nick Thieberger on ‘Google joins fight to save endangered languages’, 25th June, 2012.

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Nick Thieberger interviewed by Heather Jarvis on Radio Australia’s Pacific Mornings program about UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage "See, Hear and Learn" on 27 October 2011 (mp3 audio courtesy of ABC Radio Australia's Pacific Mornings program 5.25MB)

"Institute of PNG Studies Gets Music Recordings." National Weekender 27 April, 2007article

"PNG Archival Music on Disc." Gavamani Sivarai April, 2007 jpg (212 KB)

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