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ga   Variant: nega. pron. 1 • he/him, she/her, it, (3rd person singular Subject or Object).

2 • his/hers. See: nega.

3 • for his/her benefit.

gaaf   n. metre.

1 • metre, one metre, length of one arm.

2 • material, piece of material.

gaag   pron. 1 • yours (2nd person plural possessive).

2 • for your benefit (2nd person plural benefactive).

gafgef   n. packet of mats. Category: human artefact.

gakit   pron. 1 • our (1st person plural inclusive possessive).

2 • for our benefit (1st person plural inclusive benefactive).

gamus   pron. you (2nd person plural Object).

gar1   adj. dry, to be.

gar2   pron. 1 • they, them (3rd person plural Subject or Object).

2 • theirs (3rd person plural possessive).

3 • for them (3rd person plural benefactive).

gawanki   excl. that's it, that's the way. Expression often used to conclude a part of a story or to confirm what has just been said.

gien   v. act as, to pretend to be. More common now to use psir.

gis   excl. called out to attact attention.

gka   n. father (address term used by members of the namkanr naflak). See: tmen; apap; tata.

gkar   n. tree, Devil nettle. Note: stinging nettle tree. Dendrocnide latifolia. See: nkraful. Category: plants.

gkof   n. meat wrapped in leaves ready to be put into laplap.

go   conj. and.

golgol   adj. toothless, to be (baby or old person).

gor   vintr. snore, also used for the noise a pig makes. See: oror.

got   adj. black, to be. Category: colours.

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