Series 02 - General Linguistic and Ethnological Materials

ProvenanceCapell, Arthur

This is a ‘super-series’ - it contains all the series whose content includes ethnological and linguistic materials of a general nature. Several series are, however, based on material from Vanuatu. The series contained herein include draft manuscripts, letters to and from Capell, and articles (many of which are annotated).

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Sub Series

ETHGS  Ethnology - General Studies c. 1912 - 1931

VETH  Vanuatu - Ethnography - Malekula Island 1888 - c. 1892

VETHN  Vanuatu - General Ethnography and Anthropology Studies 1870? - 1965

VGENLING  Vanuatu Languages - General Study c. 1960 - 1978

VPRONHS  Vanuatu Languages - Proto-New Hebridean Linguistics Studies c. 1978

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