Series ETHGS - Ethnology - General Studies
Includes Oceania, Indian Ocean, Polynesia

Date Rangec. 1912 - 1931
Quantity0.46 cm, 3 items
ProvenanceCapell, Arthur

This series includes printed ethnological articles and handwritten notes compiling various sources, all of which are concerned with string figures and totemism in Oceania and Polynesia.

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02  General Linguistic and Ethnological Materials

Inventory Listing

AC2-ETHGS101 Cats' cradles from many lands.
Ethnology (general studies), includes Oceania, Indian Ocean, Polynesia
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Manuscript. Prepared by Kathleen Hadden. Includes information from various sources including F. Boas, W.H.R. Rivers, A.C. Haddon. Pages damaged.

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-ETHGS101
Date range c. 1912    Quantity 0.01 cm, 1 folio
Formats Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier ETHGS101 Series ETHGS
AC2-ETHGS102 String figures.
Ethnology (general studies), includes Oceania, Indian Ocean, Polynesia
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Typescript. Reprint of 'String Figures' by W.W. Rouse Ball. A paper presented to the Royal Institution of Great Britain Weekly Evening Meeting, Friday 12 March 1920. Includes examples from a wide range of societies including those of Oceania. Includes some linguistic information (vocabulary, phrases).

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-ETHGS102
Date range 12 March 1920    Quantity 0.17 cm, 1 folio
Inventory Identifier ETHGS102 Series ETHGS
AC2-ETHGS103 Totemism in Polynesia.
Ethnology (general studies), includes Oceania, Indian Ocean, Polynesia
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Typescript. Reprint of 'Totemism in Polynesia' by Raymond Firth, Oceania No. 3 and No. 4, pp 3-54. Contains some linguistic information. Copy in Capell's library marked 31-10-1933.

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-ETHGS103
Date range 1931    Quantity 0.28 cm, 1 folio
Inventory Identifier ETHGS103 Series ETHGS

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