Series 01 - Personal and Biographical Material

ProvenanceCapell, Arthur

Records for this series could include CVs, correspondence, obituaries, lists and publications and other materials that would be useful in understanding Arthur Capell, his life and career.

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Inventory Listing

CAPE00001 Walsh, Michael, "Obituary" Australian Aboriginal Studies 1987 (1) pp 98-9.
An obituary of Arthur Capell focusing on his Australian linguistic studies.
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Creator Capell, Arthur
Control CAPE00001
Date range 1987    Quantity 0.01 cm,
Formats digital numeric, text, sound, graphic or video inf and Photocopied Documents
Inventory Identifier CAPE00001 Series 01
CAPE00002 Newton, Peter J.F., "Arthur Capell (1902-1986)".
Draft article on Capell's life written for the Australian Dictionary of Biography (forthcoming edition).
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Creator Newton, Peter
Control CAPE00002
Date range February 2006    Quantity 0.02 cm,
Inventory Identifier CAPE00002 Series 01

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