Series 05 - Melanesia and Oceania - Regions and Languages

ProvenanceCapell, Arthur

This is a higher level grouping of all series whose content includes specific linguistic materials relating to languages from Melanesia and Oceania. The areas covered include (more generally) Papua New Guniea, West Irian, the Solomon Islands, (and more specifically) Baik, Numfor, parts of Waigeo, the Yapen Islands, Taqula Island, and Rossel Island. The series include material on Proto-Oceanic linguistic studies, field note books, printed publications on grammar, comparative vocabulary lists (often in Capell’s own notebooks), and texts in local languages.

Oceania is a geographical (often geopolitical) region consisting of numerous countries and territories – mostly islands – in the Pacific Ocean. The exact scope of Oceania is controversial, with varying interpretations including East Timor, Australia, New Zealand, or none of these.

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Melanesia is a region extending from the western side of East Pacific to the Arafura Sea, north and north-east of Australia. The term was first used by Jules Dumont d'Urville in 1832 to denote an ethnic and geographical grouping of islands distinct from Polynesia and Micronesia. Today d'Urville's racial classification is known to be inaccurate because it obscures Melanesia's cultural, linguistic, and genetic diversity. Most importantly, this term combines two quite distinct groups, the Austronesians and the Papuans (who themselves can be considered as comprising a number of distinct groups).

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Sub Series

OFNB  Field Note Books - Oceania

FNBPNGEH  Field Note Books - Papua New Guinea

IJBINUF  Irian Jaya - Biak, Numfor and Parts of Waigeo and Yapen Islands 1947

IJMONI  Irian Jaya - Headwaters of Kamandoga and Fou Rivers and Obata River in South Sudirman Mountains 1954 - 1958

IJWDAN  Irian Jaya - Sudirman Mountains, source of Balim, Yamo and Toli Rivers

IJEKAG  Irian Jaya - West Nassau to Mountains, east and west of lakes Paniai and Tigi c. 1950 - c. 1951

MELGRAM  Melanesia 1961 - 1969

MNETH  Melanesia - and Other Regions 1930s - 1936

OLGS  Oceania - Melanesia and Polynesia 1922 - 1965

OLVOC  Oceania - Papua New Guinea, West Irian, Solomons Islands and Others 1904 - 1956?

POLS  Oceania - Proto-Oceanic Linguistic Studies 1969 - 1979

PNGMBCV  Papua New Guinea - Milne Bay Province

PNGMBDOB  Papua New Guinea - Milne Bay Province - Parts of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands

PNGMBSEY  Papua New Guinea - Milne Bay Province - Tagula Island, Rossel Island 1928

PNGSIA  Papua New Guinea - Morobe Province - Around Sio town on coast 1936

PNGNPBAU  Papua New Guinea - Northern Province - Headwaters Adau and Musa Rivers

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