Series TFATA - Timor Region - Timor Island (Fataluku and Nearby Languages)
Fataluku and nearby languages

Date Range17 February 1962 - c. 1962
Quantity0.18 cm, 3 items
ProvenanceCapell, Arthur

This series contains material from Timor Island, focusing on the local language of Fataluku as well as nearby languages. It includes correspondence between Capell and Ruy Cinatti, a typed and annotated comparative vocabulary list (Fataluku-English), and a 100-word comparative vocabulary list (English-Fataluku-Lovaea-Makasai-Bunak) compiled by Capell.

Timor is an island at the south of the Malay Archipelago, divided between the independent state of East Timor, and West Timor, part of the Indonesia province of East Nusa Tenggara with the surface of 11,883 sq mi/ 30,777 kmē. The name is a variant of timur, Malay for "east"; it is so called because it is at the east end of a chain of islands.

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Inventory Listing

AC2-TFATA101 Letter to Capell from Ruy Cinatti, Dili, Port. Timor.
Fataluku and nearby languages, Timor Island
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Manuscript. Refers to matters arising from his Foundatino Vocabulary (see folio 2 below). He explains the pejorative nature of the name Dagoda for Fataluku. Half of letter is taken up with ethnographic details.

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-TFATA101
Date range 17 February 1962    Quantity 0.03 cm, 1 folio
Inventory Identifier TFATA101 Series TFATA
AC2-TFATA102 Fataluku (Dagoda) Foundation vocabularies, kinship terms and an interlinear gloss[ary] of the Boys and the Coconuts story.
Fataluku and nearby languages, Timor Island
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Typescript, manuscript. Supplied to Capell by Ruy Cinatti (see Fol 101)

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-TFATA102
Date range ca 1962    Quantity 0.1 cm, 1 folio
Inventory Identifier TFATA102 Series TFATA
AC2-TFATA103 100 word comparative vocabulary of Timor Island languages English-Fataluku-Lovaea-Makasai-Bunak.
Fataluku and nearby languages, Timor Island
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Typescript, manuscript. Compiled by Capell.

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-TFATA103
Date range no date    Quantity 0.05 cm, 1 folio
Inventory Identifier TFATA103 Series TFATA

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