Series INIJAK - Indonesia - Irian Jaya, Aro and Kai Islands
Languages and dialects from the Aro and Kai Islands

Date Range1844 - 1864
Quantity0.2 cm, 3 items
ProvenanceCapell, Arthur

This series contains material about the language of the Aro and Kai Islands. It contains photocopies of two printed articles in Dutch (one dealing more with grammar, the other being more a vocabulary list), as well as Capellís own handwritten comparative vocabulary list.

The region of West New Guinea is the western half of the island of New Guinea and has also been known as Irian Jaya or West Papua. A part of Indonesia since 1963, the region contains the provinces of West Irian Jaya and Papua, which shares its eastern border with the nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

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AC2-INIJAK101 Proeve over de Aroe-taal. By J. F. G. Brumund
Languages & dialects from the Aro & Kai Islands, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
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Typescript. Photocopy. In "Indische Taalen Letterkunde", Tijdschrift[?] voor Nederlandsch-Indie. Vie Aflevering, 1844, pp. 321-340. Dutch text. Some annotations/comments by Capell. Discusses linguistic materials collected in the Aro Islands, ca 1843 while on board the schooner Cireé. Word list in Oedjier (Ujir). Other languages/dialects from the islands and elsewhere are exemplified in text.

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-INIJAK101
Date range 1844    Quantity 0.1 cm, 1 folio
Inventory Identifier NIJAK101 Series INIJAK
AC2-INIJAK102 Korte Woordenlist ran de Taal der Aroe- en Keij-Eilanden. Compiled by H. C. van Eijbergen.
Languages & dialects from the Aro & Kai Islands, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
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Typescript. Photocopy. Tidjschrift[?] voor Indische Taal-Landen Volkenkunde, uitgegeven door het Bataviaasch Genootschaf van Kunsten en Wetenschappen, 14 (1864) pp 557-568. Dutch text. Some annotations in Capell's hand. Comparative wordlist (292 words) of Dutch-Malay-WoKam & Ujir (Aro Is)-El, Ellat (Banda) and Oorsprank (Kai Is). The latter is possibly Kei-Fordata.

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-INIJAK102
Date range 1864    Quantity 0.05 cm, 1 folio
Inventory Identifier NIJAK102 Series INIJAK
AC2-INIJAK103 Comparative wordlist in Wokam and Uhir (Aro Is) compiled by Capell.
Languages & dialects from the Aro & Kai Islands, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
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Manuscript. From words 110 to 292, (with notes) from folio 2 above.

Creator Capell, Arthur
Control AC2-INIJAK103
Date range no date    Quantity 0.05 cm, 1 folio
Inventory Identifier NIJAK103 Series INIJAK

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