From film to file: historical manuscripts released by PARADISEC

We are pleased to announce the release of a number of historical manuscripts in and about languages of the Pacific. We worked with the National Library of Australia to digitise microfilms and have now made them available as pdf files for download from our catalog. This work was supported by the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language

These documents can also be seen on the NLA’s Trove. Our catalog gives each entry a language code and makes the metadata available to the Open Language Archives Community to help make the material as widely known as possible.

Dictionary and Grammar of the Language of Dip Point and Northern Ambrym
A French-Tyamuhi Dictionary
A Short Alu Grammar
A Roviana Grammar
A Dictionary and Grammar of the Melsisi-Namaran Language (New Hebrides)
A French-Gilbertese Dictionary, 1917. Ts
Selection of fables and stories in Nauruan vernacular
A Survey of Native Education in Fiji, Tonga and Western Samoa
A vocabulary of words in the language of Aniwa, New Hebrides.
Report of a students’ trek in the hinterland of South Santo (New Hebrides)
Report of the second students’ trek into inland Santo (New Hebrides), Monday 20th September 1948 to Monday 27th September 1948.
Report on the island of Epi
A Nauruan Grammar, 1937
An English-Nauru Dictionary
Elements de grammaire wallisienne (East Uvean)
An English-New Britain Dictionary, Vunairima, New Guinea, Methodist Mission, 1953
A Wallis Island – French Dictionary (East Uvean)
The New Hebrides Condominium. Melbourne University, 1929
Koe fika koe koliji ko Tubou koe gaiti fua
Ko hono uluaki oe tohi “oe”. Tu’i koe fai ae faifekau ko M. Balauni
Ko Jiobe moe fakamatala ki ai… ma’ae faifekau mo helohelo (cover title).
Koe lotukalafi koe talaj’i ki he lotukalafi
Koe fika-fai-tu’uga koe tohi ma’ae kou helohelo ‘o Va vau
Koe tohi asitolonome ma’ae i helohelo o Ha’abai
Koe hisitolia o Bilitania i ma’ae ae helohelo o Ha’abai
Records of Protestant mission stations in New Caledonia, 1926-1937
Records of a Conference of Protestant Mission Native Pastors held at Konè, New Caledonia in 1908
Records of Conferences of Protestant Mission Native Pastors held at Houialou, New Caledonia, 1925-31
Records of a conference of Protestant Mission Native Pastors held at Moneo, New Caledonia, 1912
Records of a Conferences of Protestant Mission Native Pastors held at Khuine, New Caledonia, 1926, 1928, 1929
Report of a Conference of Protestant Mission Native Pastors held at Tendo, New Caledonia, 1920
A French-Iai (Loyalty Islands) Word List.
A French-Olal (New Hebrides) Word List.
A French-Dubea (New Caledonia) Word List.
A French-Venan (New Hebrides) Word List.
A French-Craig Cove (New Hebrides) Word List.
A Lau (British Solomon Islands)-English Dictionary, 1950. Solomon Islands
Papers relating to Maré, New Caledonia
Genealogies and histories of the Matanitu or tribal governments of Central Viti Levu (Great Fiji).
A preliminary Maré (Nengone) and English dictionary
English and Lenakel dictionary from manuscript of F. H. L. Paton. Leichhardt, 1922.
Mukawa and English Dictionary (with addition of Gapapaiwa)
A Ngella-English Dictionary. 1955.
A vocabulary of the Kilene dialect as spoken at Sag-Sag, New Britain.
A German-Azira (New Guinea) Dictionary.
‘Tonga Tabu’: a history and description of Tonga. Auckland, c. 1918.
Grammar of the Tongan Language. c. 1926?
Legends collected at Misima and Panaeati, Papua.
Vocabulary of the Misima-Panaeati Language, Papua.
Moni-Malay-English Dictionary
Whegnai-French Dictionary. c. 1900.

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