PhD scholarships at the University of Sydney

if you want to spend three years thinking and writing about languages and cultures of Australia and the Asia-Pacific region …
Nod to Ethics committee: HEALTH WARNING: and you’re not ESPECIALLY worried about whether you’ll find a interesting job afterwards….
… applications for the 2007 APA/UPA scholarships at the University of Sydney are now open. Information and an application can be downloaded from:

Hard copies are available from the Research Office (Main Quadrangle A14, University of Sydney NSW 2006, Australia).
The application closing date is 31 October 2006.
Prospective applicants are also advised to lodge their application for admission with the relevant Faculty Postgraduate Office by the same date. You should also contact potential supervisors.
If you’re interested in
Indigenous languages of Australia and the Asia-Pacific region
contact the postgraduate coordinator, Professor William Foley Foley: William.foley AT
(Jane Simpson jhs AT can advise on Australian languages, and see here for my views on enrolling in a research degree)
music traditions of Australia and the Pacific
digital archiving
contact the Director of PARADISEC, Dr Linda Barwick(linda.barwick AT

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