South Efate is a language of Central Vanuatu. There are around 6,000 speakers of the language that is spoken in Villages from Pango east to Erakor, Eratap and along the coast of Efate. While speakers would have originally lived in the interior of the island, migration to the coast was encouraged during the early missionary days.

The language is typical of Oceanic languages in most respects. The sounds of the language are as shown in the following table.

The pronoun system of South Efate is fairly complicated, there are free or 'focal' pronouns and then separate sets of bound pronouns that attach to the verb, and the choice between them depends on whether the event has happened, will happen or if it is in the past.

A collection of texts in South Efate can be downloaded here and the dictionary can be downloaded here.

Nick Thieberger wrote A grammar of South Efate, an Oceanic language of Central Vanuatu.