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Fieldworkers need to make a Will


While we would like to think we will live forever, it is important that you include a section in your Will, that is your last Will and Testament, that expresses your wishes with respect to your field recordings and associated material.

You need to appoint an executor for the rest of the estate and also appoint a literary executor and ask them to deposit " my field recordings ............with institution X". You need to tell them where the material is and what to do with it. You may also want to include a sum of money to cover the costs of transferring this material to your chosen repository.

What you don't want to do is frustrate the process of administration by having confusing or vague obligations put onto the executor. They have a legal obligation to carry out the wishes of the will maker so this needs to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

Each estate will be different so people should always get a solicitor to draw up the Will according to their circumstances.

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