E - e

eeeeeei!   interj. expression of disbelief. 'Eeeei! Mo lai na toa na isonduhu! 'Oh no! He's taken all the chickens!'.

eli   n. palolo worm, many different colours, lives in ocean, and most kinds edible. Usage: Same in East dialect. They are hunted and collected over two to three nights in November, depending on moon cycle, with a flashlight or lantern.

eli ronjona   n. a kind of palolo (eli) not edible, soft and breaks when you pick it up; known as 'devil's food'.

eli sulsulrambora   n. kind of palolo (eli) not edible, soft and easily broken like eli ronjona, known as 'devil's food'.

eli vaholo   n. kind of palolo worm, edible, small and green like threads; can be cooked on top of laplap to make wewe eli.

eli vindana   n. kind of palolo worm, edible, big, red or green.

el(i) mahariri   n. January.

el(i) tawera   n. November.

el(i) tutun   n. December.

el(i) vorivori   n. October.

embe malehi   vi. be uninteresting, boring. Nira hinahinau embe malehi. They are uninteresting things.

embe tarai hinau   v.phr. prosper, have things going well. O embe tarai hinau ana tauni nian. You are going fine this year.

embe vevaombuetahi   n. member. Iau embe vevaombuetahi Youth. I'm a member of the Youth group.

embe-   n. body. embeku my body. embera their bodies.

eno   vi. lie down, stay. Ku sahe kule eno vatarahi na heletu jala. I went up and was lying in wait for the wild pig.

eno bese   v. lean against something, while half lying down. See: turu bese; ate bese.

eno telei   idiom. to be the decision of s.o. Le eno teleiho/ teleira, (etc). It's up to you/them, (etc).

eno vahehe   vi. lie on one side.

eno vatandan   vi. lie on back.

eno voro   idiom. be very ill, in a serious condition, not able to walk or sit up.

enotusi   n. wooden support beams running the width of house at each end.

enovi   vt. put something down on something else.

ereha   n. white tall grass, grows in bush.

erengahi   vt. carry lots of things in a truck, boat, plane.

eretab   n. name of a kind of soft yam, introduced from North Efate.

eti-   n. vein/s in one's body. eti-ku my vein/s.

evei   n. floor mat, woven from coconut leaf strips (general term).

evei lilivahi   n. floor mat made from woven coconut leaves, old style.

evei vatuvatu   n. floor mat made from woven coconut leaves, new style.

evuevui   vt. finish everything, completely finish something.

evui   vt. finish or complete something. Ana rav'ravi kumbo evui na noku sahasahae. I'll be completing my work this afternoon. See: iso.

evuina   n. last one. Niani nia noku evuinai dondo. This is my last night. Mo viti nona evuinai sorae. He spoke his last words.

ewe!   interj. expression of surprise or impatience, as in 'Oh goodness!', 'Oh come on! Get real!'.

-e   pron. him, her, it (3SG object pronoun). Ku surae. I carried it (on my head).