O - o

observe palkor
observe five days after death maalep
obstruct laokor
ocean namos
octopus wit
of ni
of it knen
off m̃lakon
oily liquid in a germinated coconut nrap
ok nta
old motu
old age nafitiawian
old person kapuer
omen nafeifeien
on one's back, be tralosak
one skei
one (two irrealis) ra=
only m̃as
open maag
· p̃elgat
· maaf
· plag
opinion nalelewen
or ko
orange m̃ool
· m̃nam̃on p̃ok
ordinary p̃rakot
orphan mtapes
other kaaru
· p̃et
otherwise ifmertik
otitis taligftin
our gakit
our (inclusive) kit
ours nigmam
ours (exclusive) mom
· mom
ours (inclusive) negakit
outrigger of canoe nsem
outrigger rolling over p̃ip̃
outside ektem
oven stone lelep
over there sampe
owl mlapuas
· sokfal
owner atlak
oyster, Black Wing Oyster ruum
· ruum