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Deposit of Material


Please see Explanatory Notes at end for further details on this form


Name of depositor:


Address (unless you indicate otherwise this address may be given to people requesting information about this material):




Phone number(s): (home)                                   (work)


Fax number:                                                      E-mail address


I allow / do not allow my contact details to be disclosed to potential users of my material.



Title (Please give your collection a title):


Brief description




To assist PARADISEC in complying with its duty to safeguard the interests and sensitivities of relevant indigenous people, please fill in the following paragraphs:

1. Name of relevant individual(s) and their community(ies) and/or other funding organisations who may have rights in this material:



Their Address(es)  



Phone number(s): (home)                                   (work)

Fax number:                                                      E-mail address

Other contact information:


2. To assist PARADISEC in complying with its curatorial and custodial responsibilities please state your understanding of the attitude of the people you have referred to above, to this material being made accessible to other people:




3. Please state whether any special conditions should be considered when handling this material, eg, ceremonial or gender restricted material, sensitive genealogical material, photographs or recordings of  deceased people.




1. PARADISEC will accession your material into its catalogue which is then made available to the research community. If you do not want your material listed publicly please say so here and indicate the time period for which this restriction should be in force. (PARADISEC will not hold material on permanent closed access)


[]  Free access as specified in the PARADISEC form.


[] Access by permission of depositor only.


[] Other. Please specify.


[] I do not want catalogue information (metadata) about my collection listed publicly. PARADISEC strongly suggests that you do allow your cataloguing information to be made publicly available, even if the data itself is only available with your permission.


2. PARADISEC is a digital archive and, in general, will not hold physical material. We will return audio-tapes and other material to the depositor.


3. While all due care is taken by PARADISEC, the depositor indemnifies PARADISEC against any loss or damage caused to the deposited material while in the care of PARADISEC.



I, the person named in part A, hereby deposit the material described in part B to the Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC). I hereby warrant that I am the owner/the owner’s delegate* (see Explanatory Note 1 below) of the item described in this deposit agreement and have the right to enter this transaction. I indemnify PARADISEC against any accidental loss or damage to the material.


In the event that my title of ownership is judicially declared defective, then I agree to indemnify PARADISEC against any awards, expenses, costs or any other like losses incurred as a result of the defectiveness of title. I hereby revoke any previous conditions of restricted access which I may have imposed on PARADISEC in relation to the material or any part of it.






PARADISEC accepts your deposit of the items described in part B.

PARADISEC hereby acknowledges that in accordance with your expressed intention that it now has responsibility for the said items.




Signed for PARADISEC


Please return this form to:


Dept of Lingustics and Applied Linguistics

University of Melbourne

Parkville, Vic 3010




The term ownership refers to ownership of the physical copy of the material being lodged with PARADISEC.

It is not a wider claim to the intellectual property or ownership of any traditional knowledge,

mythology, personal information or expression which relates to or derives from other objects,

individuals or communities contained within the material being lodged.

If the material was written, photographed, drawn, recorded or filmed by you, then you are the creator and owner of the physical copy of the material, or if you have collected, found or inherited the material you are the owner of the physical copy of the material and therefore you or your delegate are in a legal position to enter this agreement.


2. This form should be used when a person wishes to deposit material with PARADISEC to be held in its collections.


3. This form should only be used if you are in the legal position to transfer (see Explanatory Note 1 above) the material to PARADISEC. If any other person or body, apart from yourself, has any rights in this material which would prevent you transferring it to PARADISEC, we would ask you either -

(i) to negotiate with them, if they approve, an agreement enabling you to deposit the material with PARADISEC; or

(ii) to consider with them the option of depositing it with PARADISEC on agreed conditions of safe deposit with a limited period of closed access.


4. PARADISEC is a national repository for recorded material related to the indigenous cultures of the region around Australia. Its managing body, the PARADISEC Steering Committee and professional staff take their responsibilities for preserving and protecting the materials in the PARADISEC collections very seriously. These responsibilities include safeguarding the interests and sensitivities of the indigenous people to whom any material in the collections relates. If you sign this form, you should be clear that -

(i) you empower PARADISEC to decide over questions of access to, and use of, the material; and

(ii) PARADISEC will make those decisions in accordance with its duties to safeguard the interestsand sensitivities of the relevant community.


If you wish to proceed, please fill in the preceding paragraphs. You will see that they seek information on -

- your personal details (part A)

- details of the material being deposited (part B)

- access to the material (part C)

- the deposit (part E)


The deposit of the material with  PARADISEC is effected by your signing the document at part E.


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